Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Driving vulnerability management and pen-testing to the next level.

Did you know?
Unpatched vulnerabilities were involved in more than 60% of data breaches till now!

Identify potential network security threats and risks across your organization’s IT infrastructure with our pen-testing and vulnerability management service. Leverage best-of-breed technology and expertise to help anticipate and prevent attacks while improving compliance. Our VAPT testing experts and ethical hackers boast of a proven experience and industry expertise in defining critical risk areas, analyzing scan results with data-driven context, customizing threat reports for improved visibility and remediation steps.

Our threat vulnerability assessment services offer comprehensive vulnerability scanning and reporting, unified threat assessment, internal/external pen-testing (Black Box, White Box, Gray Box) to detect unknown exploits in your networks, servers, databases, devices, web applications or other digital assets – both on on-premise as well as cloud.


Futurism Vulnerability Management ServiceOur VAPT testing services are aimed to help you identify and prioritize weaknesses and provide effective remediation steps.

Vulnerability Assessment

    Futurism offers industry’s most sophisticated vulnerability management service to help you detect as well as protect attacks anytime and anywhere on a continuous basis.

  • Comprehensive coverage and visibility of all your IT infrastructure

  • Deep vulnerability assessment services for network infrastructure, apps, servers, devices, etc.

  • Eliminate false positives

  • Scalable and extensible vulnerability management service

  • Discover forgotten devices

  • Prioritize remediation

  • Schedule or manual scanning of vulnerabilities

  • Zero-day risk analysis

  • Intelligent threat reports

  • Reduced VAPT testing cost

  • Automated vulnerability-patch assessment

Penetration Testing

    Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services help to safely exploit vulnerabilities and threats in your IT network. Our testers use real-world attack scenarios when it comes to VAPT testing.

  • Network pen-testing – internal and external

  • Remote exploitation services

  • Web application pen-testing services

  • Mobile app pen-testing services

  • IoT device pen-testing services

  • Social engineering pen-testing services

  • API pen-testing services

  • Real-world attack simulation

  • Wireless network pen-testing services

  • Black box, gray box and white box testing

  • Reveal vulnerabilities in real-time

  • Business continuity and zero downtime

  • Intelligent threat reports

  • Compliance

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