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Next-Gen IoMT Securityto protect mission-critical connected medical devices

Futurism Technologies helps organizations across the world adopt market-leading threat intelligence and technology through its state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), which is BSI UK, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and CERT-In Certified. Futurism SOC IoMT is a managed healthcare IoT security service powered by Asimily (an industry-leading IoMT risk remediation platform) to help healthcare organizations secure mission-critical healthcare devices and deliver reliable and safe care experience to patients.

Futurism SOC IoMT Security Service is built on the fundamental pillars of people, process, and technology. It helps to secure all your critical networked medical and IoT devices against coming-of-age cyber threats and risks. Futurism Managed IoMT Security Service is backed by proactive device monitoring capabilities powered by Asimily irrespective of the device manufacturer, age, or operating system (OS).



Healthcare organizations lack IoMT security and risk remediation expertise.


Hospital data breaches involve compromise of IoT/IoMT devices.

$10.1 million

The average cost of a healthcare data breach in 2022.

The Futurism Advantage

Futurism’s IoMT Security Services for healthcare organizations are designed to help analyze, protect, remediate and secure critical networked medical devices. Our Managed IoMT Security Service is backed by a state-of-the-art C-SOC to monitor networked medical device inventory as well as identify and respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities in real-time irrespective of the devices’ OEM, age or operating system (OS).

Our C-SOC aligns with the best security standards, guidelines, and practices of the ISO and BSI UK Cyber Security Framework to deliver end-to-end, prioritized, and cost-effective healthcare IoT security solutions. Combining the fundamental pillars of people, process, and technology, Futurism IoMT Security Service not only supports your organization’s data and device safety, but it also helps you deliver the best care experience with zero device/equipment downtime.

  • Optimum IoT and medical device discovery
  • Improved device availability
  • Intelligent device vulnerability management
  • Certified SOC engineers and experts 24/7
  • State-of-the-art SOC (24/7/365 support)
  • Flexible engagement models and SLAs
  • Regulatory and security compliance (HIPAA)
  • Real-time reporting and visibility into device network
  • Best-of-breed risk remediation platform (Asimily)
  • Proactive and real-time device monitoring and surveillance
  • Asset inventory reconciliation and asset risk assessment
  • Improved device uptime and zero downtime
  • Reduced security risks and costs
  • Faster vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Increased patient privacy and data safety

Why Futurism SOC IoMT Service?

360-degree IoMT Security

At Futurism, we believe that cybersecurity for mission-critical networked medical devices is quintessential in today’s connected and digital-first economy. This is why our cybersecurity engineers take a proactive IoMT security approach, a perfect mix of people, process, and technology. Futurism SOC IoMT Service powered by Asimily leverages a powerful Zero Trust Framework, which is a flexible and cost-effective security approach to help you prioritize and remediate risks by leveraging the unparalleled threat intelligence of Asimily, ramp up your security investigations by up to 50% and strengthen your security posture.

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State-of-the-art SOC

At Futurism, our state-of-the-art and fully equipped C-SOC (BSI, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and CERT-In Certified) is the heart of our managed IoMT Security Service delivery center. Our C-SOC uses advanced security automation technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer end-to-end healthcare IoT security to help healthcare organizations meet the international security standards and information security compliances including HIPAA. Leverage the power of the industry-leading risk remediation tool (Asimily) to gain greater insights into your connected network and speed up incident response times by up to 90%.

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Best-of-Breed SOC Engineers

Highly experienced and certified SOC engineers and consultants (cybersecurity and medical device security experts), who work 24X7 to ensure protection against zero-day attacks, device and network breaches, data loss, or cyber incidents and help to detect and respond to threats in real-time using advanced risk remediation platform. They comply with strong operational procedures (SOPs) to provide enterprise-grade managed healthcare IoT services to healthcare organizations. Our IoMT Security Service provides you with the right layers of security resources and expertise to protect your networked medical devices 24/7.

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Futurism IoMT Security: What’s in it for you?

At the core of Futurism’s IoMT Security is a state-of-the-art C-SOC. Our Managed IoMT Security Service offering is built for rapid threat detection and faster incident response by leveraging the best-of-breed risk remediation platform (Asimily). Our security operations center is equipped with the right set of tools and security expertise to help you make it easier to focus on what is important i.e. prioritizing vulnerabilities and medical devices that are prone to exploitation and pose a threat to your networked medical device network.

Vulnerability Management

Futurism IoMT Security delivers novel capabilities to help healthcare organizations prioritize vulnerabilities and recommends actionable measures to remediate them in real-time. Powered by Asimily, Futurism IoMT Security provides a comprehensive risk score for each connected medical or IoT device/asset across the network to prioritize patching and remediation.

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities, patching, and remediation
  • Improved IoT and medical device discovery
  • Real-time vulnerability management
  • Smart remediation recommendations
  • Proactive device monitoring and surveillance
  • Real-time threat detection and incident response
  • Risk score for each connected asset/device

Risk Remediation and Assessment

Our SOC engineers and experts investigate vulnerabilities to come up with remediation recommendations aimed to protect your assets across the network. Block or quarantine devices based on abnormal behavior or malicious activities. Initiate threat responses based on real-time threat alerts.

  • Detect malicious device activities/behavior
  • Run forensic analysis to investigate malicious activities
  • Initiate AI-powered threat responses
  • Speed up investigations with data-driven recommendations
  • Intelligent risk remediation based on actionable intelligence
  • Remediation recommendations for diverse groups of medical devices/assets
  • In-depth analysis of remediation procedures
  • Prioritize risks for actionable and data-driven remediation

Proactive Protection and Threat Detection

Leverage advanced security technologies to automate device security and protection across the network. Detect, analyze and respond to threats in real-time with the help of threat intelligence and feeds from Asimily with our IoMT Security Service.

  • Detect device anomalies and unusual behavior
  • Detect device misconfigurations
  • Leverage machine learning to receive intrusion alerts
  • Quarantine devices based on security policies
  • Identify and detect threats in real-time
  • Deploy a fine mix of cybersecurity and medical security expertise
  • Seamless SIEM integration

Device Inventory Tracking and Management

Using the power of Asimily, Futurism IoMT Security helps you to automate device inventory tracking for all your connected devices. This offers healthcare organizations real-time visibility and insights into medical and IoT devices the moment a device is connected to the network. Discover untracked devices and maintain a record of all the connected devices from a unified hub.

  • Classify connected IoT, medical and lab devices
  • Receive critical information on device parameters
  • Reconcile device inventory in real-time
  • Discover untracked devices
  • Identify device risk profiles
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Next-Gen IoMT Security Backed By World-Class Risk Remediation Technology

Futurism’s IoMT Security Service backed by Asimily (best-in-class risk remediation platform), cybersecurity engineers, and a state-of-the-art SOC work towards protecting you against costly cyber threats. Our IoMT Security Service is designed to not only protect your mission-critical networked devices, but to also help you deliver seamless care experiences minus zero asset/device downtime.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.


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