Futurism Managed Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

Stop web threats before they reach your network with the best-in-class web security services.

Did you know?
Every minute, four companies fall victim to Ransomware attacks and more than 550,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day.

Futurism’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps you to hunt down and stop threats before they begin and strengthen your IT security posture. Our managed EDR services help you block a wide majority of novel threats before they need any manual investigation. This leads to reduced workload and less noise for your security analysts and IT admins.

Powered by AI and Deep Learning, Futurism’s managed endpoint security services offer multiple layers of defense against known and unknown threats, help you quarantine Ransomware before it runs, prevents file-less attacks, stops malicious encryption and much more. Our managed endpoint detection and response services include multiple layers of security controls with predictive intelligence to prevent threats beyond the firewall.


Managed EDR Services Built on the Strongest Protection TacticsAround 80% of organizations face difficulties in hiring and retaining cybersecurity skills, Futurism managed endpoint security services can help you protect all your endpoints at a fraction of expense.

Predictive Security

    There are now more than 1 billion malware programs out there! Futurism managed EDR services can help you deploy predictive analytics to build a next-gen endpoint detection and response system.

  • Stop unknown threats

  • Block malware before it executes

  • Prevent known and unknown malware

  • Monitor threats and attacks in real time without knowing the exact signature

  • Speed up fraud detection and remediation

  • Notify IT admins and managers even before the attack occurs

  • Detect new threats with high confidence


    Futurism provides anti-Ransomware cyber security services that can prevent most Ransomware attacks and significantly reduce the damage of these attacks.

  • File protection

  • Isolate malicious processes

  • Disk and boot protection

  • Multilayer Ransomware protection

  • Inspect URLs and attachments in emails

  • Prevent users from clicking on links or files that seem malicious

  • Anti-spam and anti-malware


    As a part of our managed endpoint detection and response services, we can help you deploy most cutting-edge anti-exploit technology. Prevent cybercriminals from using advanced exploit tactics with Futurism managed EDR services.

  • Exploit prevention against credential theft, code caving, macros, APC injection, etc.

  • AI-powered threat detection

  • Identify unauthorized chrome extensions

  • Block exploits and script-based attacks

  • Protection against software vulnerabilities

  • Stop real-world hacking techniques

  • Prevent zero-day attacks by blocking off exploits

Threat Hunting

    Futurism managed EDR services including and threat hunting capabilities help you detect advanced threats hiding inside of your organization by proactive threat hunting tactics.

  • Identify processes that are trying to make a network connection on non-standard ports

  • Find known vulnerabilities, outdated versions, bad certificates, etc.

  • Identify detected IOCs mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

  • Monitor processes that have recently modified files or registry keys

  • Get details about PowerShell executions

  • Identify processes disguised as services.exe

  • Check for unusual login attempts

  • Analyze cloud security groups

  • Get detailed threat intel

  • Close security gaps by determining root cause

  • Check failed login attempts

  • Identify users that have clicked on suspicious link or phishing mail

Threat Response

    Round the clock threat hunting, detection and response carried out by a team of highly experienced and skilled security professionals. Tackle threats with a dedicated team of threat hunters and response experts with our managed endpoint detection and response services.

  • 24x7 human-led threat hunting

  • Hunt potential threats and incidents

  • Determine the scope and severity of threats

  • Initiates actions to remotely disrupt, quarantine, and neutralize threats

  • Security health check and activity reporting

  • Synchronized endpoint security and visibility

  • Check device licensing and compliance

  • Remotely access devices to remove unlicensed software or files

  • Isolate devices and terminate processes as required

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