Why do you need Zero Trust for your organization?

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December 31, 2021 - 1.2K
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Why do you need Zero Trust for your organization?

As businesses continue to embrace hybrid cloud environments, the need for stronger security management becomes a need of the hour. Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services powered by IBM leverages a deny-by-default security policy and authorization for each connection. Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services bring in the right mix of industry-leading IBM security technology and tools to offer security that is uncompromised and unparalleled using a Zero Trust Architecture to provide protection against coming-of-age cyber threats including new strands of Ransomware, social engineering hacks and multi-prong attack tactics.

Evolving IT Systems and the Role of Zero Trust

IT ecosystems have evolved and transitioned significantly in the last few years from traditional old school perimeter-based monolithic structures to complex multi-cloud and perimeter-less environments. These novel and complex ecosystems disperse users, data and devices across a gargantuan network of applications, workloads and users. As businesses transform digitally while the diversity of security environment continues to expand, new security models or frameworks like Zero Trust can help bring insight and context into the rapidly inflating attack surface.

Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services help businesses accelerate their Zero Trust journey by devising a multi-disciplinary and well-integrated Zero Trust strategy and provide prescriptive steps to make it actionable. Our in-house cybersecurity experts can assist businesses verify that resources, data and users stay securely connected through a robust deny-by-default authorization and policy.

Futurism Zero Trust for Cloud

Are you confident in your methodology for securing your cloud-based business initiatives?

Every day, more and more businesses are moving to hybrid cloud environments. However, how confident are you when it comes to securing your cloud-based business initiatives? Though multi-cloud and hybrid cloud help a business grow, transform operations, compete effectively, but all these benefits need a reimagined and modernized focus on enterprise security with major focus on a Zero Trust security approach.

Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services bring together visibility, collaboration and context helping you maximize compliance while improving reporting and monitoring. We can jumpstart your cloud transformation journey with a modern-day approach to security using a tested Zero Trust framework powered by IBM security tech.

Our Zero Trust Acceleration Services can protect all your hybrid and multi-cloud investments thus, bringing a new balance of policies, controls, configurations, governance and automation across all users, cloud workloads and data. Our security experts can help you to discover and classify all the assets in cloud to establish the right layers of protection and access control.

Futurism Zero Trust for Privacy

Are you able to manage data privacy consent and controls effectively?

Nothing is more crucial to your brand repute than keeping your customer data private. Ensuring privacy is imperative for building brand trust and loyalty. Today, with organizations working in distributed and diverse ecosystems, security undoubtedly ought to be a prime focus and Zero Trust unarguably is the most apt approach.

By assuming that there are no trusted sources, every device, every connection and every user is rigorously verified. Putting Zero Trust into action, Futurism preserves customer privacy, drives accountability and transparency across the organization with strong authentication.

Check out Futurism Secure-Access, a fully managed identity and access management service powered by IBM Verify Access.

Access management and Zero Trust

How do you control who is accessing customer data, and what they do with it?

Futurism Secure-Access, our managed identity & access management services powered by IBM Verify Access helps organizations adopt ‘identity’ as the crux of a Zero Trust Framework to provide a safer and seamless experience to every user. Powered by IBM Verify, Futurism Secure-Access provides a modular, powerful and Zero Trust IAM approach that leverages data-driven threat analytics and insights to decide who will access what and what they do with it through a powerful risk-based multi-factor authentication driven by AI.

  • Risk-based access policies and mobile multi-factor authentication powered by AI
  • Strong control over assets with identity federation
  • Perfect balance between usability and security
  • Smarter hybrid IAM approach

Credential Stuffing and Zero Trust

Can you detect if someone is using stolen user credentials?

Credential stuffing is a security vulnerability wherein hackers target web infrastructures and networks and breach into user accounts using stolen user credentials. This not only leads to brand harm and loss of sales, but also affects the customers.

Did you know?

According to FBI Security Advisory, hackers used bulk loads of user credential pairs to execute more than $3.5 million ACH transfers and fraudulent check withdrawals from a mid-sized financial organization in the U.S.

Hackers unleash armies of bots to execute thousands of commands leading to millions of stolen data. This is why businesses require extra protection, and Zero Trust is the best defense strategy to keep such identity and privileged access attacks at bay.

Your employees’ business accounts act as doorways to your enterprise’s data vaults and your employees’ credentials act as the keys to these vaults. Unfortunately, humans aren’t that good when it comes to keeping these keys secure thus, leaving the doors wide open for hackers to sneak in. This is where Futurism Secure-Access comes into play. Powered by IBM Verify, Futurism Secure-Access is a fully managed IAM service offering that allows businesses to achieve full control over access management.

Zero Trust Security for Remote Work

How do you secure remote workers’ access to your systems?

As businesses continue to adopt the remote work concept, new approaches to a cohesive business ecosystem brings in new threats. In fact, businesses today are likely to face more security threats and risks than ever. As employees are accessing mission-critical data, applications, networks and other sensitive information from disparate devices and sources, it has opened doors to new opportunities for security vulnerabilities, threats and challenges.

With a Zero Trust Security approach, companies can better position themselves to prevent security breaches that may include password reuse, user impersonation, stolen credentials, etc. By implementing a Zero Trust framework, businesses can get rid of standard password protection technique, which is one of the common causes of phishing schemes. Also, Zero Trust ensures improved user privacy.

Zero Trust works wonder when it comes to protecting this scattered remote work ecosystem with real-time security insights and context across all the security domains.


Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping enterprises across the world embrace industry-leading IBM security technology. Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services leverage a Zero Trust Security Architecture powered by IBM. We aim to extend our Zero Trust security framework developed with IBM to help businesses accelerate their digital journey towards a Zero Trust Security Maturity Model. With Zero Trust expertise, Futurism helps to simplify risk management by eradicating implicit trust. No matter the situation, user, access method or user location, security comes at the fore with Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services that uses the most tested and proven cybersecurity checks. Our cybersecurity experts can help to prevent, detect, monitor analyze as well as respond to security incidents in real-time using intelligent threat analytics by leveraging a Zero Trust approach.

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