Why AI in Digital Marketing is the Next Big Thing?

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March 15, 2022 - 2.2K
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Why AI in Digital Marketing is the Next Big Thing?

According to a Forbes report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling digital marketers around the world to drive sales and customer retention by up to 50%.

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You probably had your first encounter with AI through some Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi flick that depicted superhuman-like robots coming to life and gaining control over the entire world. Though still a distant dream, it should not come as a surprise if such coming-of-age advancements came true in the near future. 

Looking beyond the scenario where robots take over the world, AI has made its presence felt across the business landscape transforming key processes and operations. Marketing is one key business process that stands to benefit the most from AI. Yes, AI in digital marketing is the next big thing.

How AI can Fast-track your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Here’s why businesses and marketing experts across the world are waking up to the idea of AI in digital marketing: 

1. AI in Content Marketing

AI in Content Marketing

According to a Gartner report, most brands tend to struggle when it comes to breaking data silos and leveraging actionable data to deliver personalized experiences to their customers.    

AI in digital marketing helps to identify the type of content a customer is most likely to engage with. Our AI-powered content marketing services can help you churn out highly personalized and targeted content designed to suit a specific set of audience.

  • Personalized content generation & distribution
  • Contextual based content marketing
  • Targeted content marketing campaigns
  • Automated content recommendations
  • Intelligent content curation & optimization
  • Analytics-driven content marketing strategy

2. AI in Email Marketing

AI in Email Marketing

AI-powered email marketing helps brands to personalize their email campaigns based on specific user behaviors. Our expert email marketers use tested AI-based algorithms to send out emails and newsletters. This enables them to send relevant emails to the right customers and at the right time with the right message, subject lines, and product recommendations based on a customer’s purchase and browsing behavior.

  • Personalized & optimized email campaigns
  • Personalized recommendations & messaging
  • Cognitive and data-driven based emails
  • Streamlined and improved targeting

3. AI-driven PPC Marketing

AI-driven PPC Marketing

AI in PPC can help to automatically optimize ad copies based on past conversions/interactions and campaigns.

  • Intelligent and automated ad optimization
  • Smart PPC account management
  • Intelligent ad budget optimization & placement
  • AI-powered bid optimization
  • ROI-focused PPC ads
  • Dynamic PPC ad creation & pricing
  • Optimized and targeted ad delivery

4. AI in SEO


Search engines are turning increasingly sophisticated and intelligent with each passing day. Our AI-powered SEO services have been helping hundreds of businesses across the world keep up with the fast-changing search engine algorithms in an intelligent manner.

  • Intelligent keyword research & content optimization
  • Topic cluster and pillar page creation
  • Smart link building
  • Personalized web content optimization
  • Well optimized voice search
  • AI-driven SEO recommendations & topic suggestions
  • Contextual search engine optimization


AI in digital marketing can help brands join the likes of Spotify and Amazon that use AI-driven marketing tactics to catapult customer experience and brand awareness to next-level in today’s digital-first era. From voice-enabled search and Google’s SERPs to ultra-personalized recommendations, AI in digital marketing can help a brand become customer and search engine–friendly.

Futurism Technologies is a coming-of-age and next-gen AI-first digital marketing services partner. At Futurism, we believe in the power of AI in reimagining the digital marketing realm as we see it today. Gone are the days when marketing experts had to manually gather data and then utilize the same to devise and deploy marketing campaigns. Today’s digital-first age demands intelligent and data-driven marketing tactics to stay ahead of the pack and we can help you achieve this.

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of digital transformation, we employ the best-of-breed digital marketing and AI experts to help your business get aboard a seamless digital journey in a cost-iterative manner. Our AI-powered digital marketing services are designed to save time, resources and cost and deliver quick ROI.

Get in touch with one of our seasoned digital marketing experts to see how we are helping businesses to leverage AI in digital marketing in a painless and cost-efficient manner.

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