Futurism Empowers Rural Health Care Community at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

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February 7, 2022 - 4.2K
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Futurism Empowers Rural Health Care Community at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

Futurism is excited to return to the 35th Annual AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, country’s leading awareness and educational conference for health care leaders.

We are coming to AHA’s Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Roundtable to empower health care leaders in the rural community with all-things cybersecurity

Mr. Sheetal Pansare, President & Global CEO for Futurism Technologies.

Security is always an uphill battle when it comes to rural hospitals and smaller community clinics, since these hospitals lack adequate security staffing, training and skills compared to their larger counterparts. Unfortunately, most rural and smaller hospitals tend to run on a tight budget with thin profit margins combined with lack of awareness pertaining to cybersecurity at the board level.

Our cybersecurity hot topic roundtable at the AHA Rural Conference will explore issues that CEOs and Board members of rural hospitals face on a daily basis and what can be done to bridge the knowledge and communication gap and in getting the right answers.

Cybersecurity Hot Topic Roundtable is a thought leadership discussion on cutting business risks and driving cyber resilience for rural and smaller community hospitals. The conference would bring together a league of subject matter experts, thinkers, thought leaders, health care leaders and health care practitioners to share their insights while empowering rural hospital board members and CEOs to speak up confidently about their cybersecurity risk posture. The roundtable is aimed at helping hospitals ramp up the shift to a more integrated, sustainable and secure care system.

Join us at the Hot Topic Roundtable, as we shed light on core issues that CEOs and board members of rural hospitals face  today and what measures can be taken to bridge the communication and knowledge gap in getting cybersecurity right for rural hospitals.

As a board member or the CEO a rural hospital – how do you identify your hospital’s true risk status when it comes to cybersecurity for rural hospitals?

  • Lack of skilled and certified security resources
  • A small and overburdened IT team
  • Communication gap between CEOs and IT team
  • Lack of security knowhow at the Board Level
  • Bad or immature technology decisions
  • Unpatched health care systems (EHRs/EMRs)
  • End-of-life or outdated OS/devices
  • Lack of network and firewall protection
  • Lost/stolen devices
  • Unrestricted/unsecured access to critical health systems
  • Unsecured connected health (IoT) and mobile devices
  • Lack of disaster recovery and backup plan

Our Cybersecurity Hot Topic Roundtable at AHA Rural Conference aims to address these and many other concerns allowing the board members and CEOs of rural hospitals to talk about cybersecurity confidently and understand their risk status.

How we can help?

Cyber criminals are modifying their attack tactics on a frequent basis and this includes variants on successful cyberattacks including multi-prong attack tactics that can evade most SIEM and XDR platforms.

Around 60 million Americans i.e. nearly one in five American resides in rural area and depends on rural and local community hospitals for care. Unfortunately, most of these hospitals lack certified security staff, adequate IT budget and cybersecurity awareness.

Futurism Managed Cybersecurity Services

As a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner and trusted Digital Transformation (DX) partner for1000+ fortune organizations across the world, Futurism is committed to help rural hospitals improve their security posture and step into a sustainable and secure health system. Futurism Managed Cybersecurity Services leverage a Zero Trust Security Architecture to help rural hospitals harness the unparalleled power of market-leading IBM security tech such as IBM QRadar (Futurism Eagle Eye SIEM), IBM Watson AI, IBM MaaS360 (Futurism EndPoint Secure), IBM Verify Access (Futurism Secure-Access), and IBM Guardium (Futurism Data-Protect).

Our managed cybersecurity service offerings are aimed at simplifying the lives of IT managers, teams, and admins of rural hospitals while helping them keep threats at bay, all for less than the cost-of-point products and expensive security resources. Our security experts leverage a Zero-Trust Security Architecture and tend to work like an extended arm of your security/IT team to help secure your hospital and sensitive patient data round-the-clock.

Futurism Eagle Eye – Advanced Threat Protection (SIEM) powered by IBM QRadar

Get assured protection from the most advanced cyber threats including multi-prong attack tactics and novel strands of Ransomware with Futurism Eagle Eye, an advanced managed SIEM service offering powered by IBM QRadar and IBM Watson.

  • Real-time threat analytics and event monitoring (IBM X-Force)
  • Automated security and incident investigation (IBM Watson AI)
  • IBM QRadar powered incident forensics
  • Insider threat detection with cloud discovery
  • Protection against multi-prong and phishing attacks
  • EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Protection against rogue systems and services, worm/malware propagation
  • Protection against PowerShell and DNS attacks

Futurism EndPoint Secure

A managed mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) service offering powered by IBM Maas360 & IBM Watson, Futurism EndPoint Secure helps you to protect all your hospital’s critical endpoints including wearables, connected medical devices and mobile phones.

  • Mobile Device Management (powered by IBM MaaS360)
  • AI-driven threat analytics (powered by IBM Watson & IBM X-Force)
  • Unified Endpoint Management or UEM
  • Mobile security index
  • Remote security access and device location tracking
  • Multiple OS and devices support (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Cloud identity management
  • Real-time reporting and analytics

Futurism Starter Security Services

Backed by IBM Watson Advanced Threat Intelligence, our Starter Security Services offer up-to-the-minute protection from a broad range of advanced threats and vulnerabilities while helping you reduce the attack surface significantly, identify new risks and build advanced incident response capabilities.

  • Email and web security (securing all digital front doors)
  • Remote filtering and SSL inspection
  • Malware and Ransomware protection
  • Device encryption
  • Advanced risk/threat analysis (powered by IBM MaaS360)
  • Implement acceptable use policies
  • Zero-Day threat protection
  • Protection against phishing

Why Futurism Managed Cybersecurity Services?

  • Full stack of security levels available
  • Zero Trust Service based on best-of-breed security tech (IBM)
  • Monthly service fee
  • No capital or product costs
  • No need to invest in costly security tech or products
  • No need to hire additional security staff
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • 24×7 support
  • Certified cybersecurity resources
  • Global presence with 18+ years of ground zero experience
  • Flexible engagement models and SLAs
  • Quarterly business audits and reviews

We understand that cybersecurity is backbreaking for rural hospitals and small community health care centers. We can help rural hospitals increase protection against Ransomware including most advanced threats.

Don’t take the bait! Get professional help now!

Get in touch with our Cybersecurity expert at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference.

February 6-9, 2022

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

Table No: 2, Sonoran Sky Ballroom

+1 (512) 300-9744

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