Cybersecurity hot topic roundtable: A thought leadership discussion on reducing business risks for rural hospitals

Futurism is coming to AHA’s Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Roundtable to empower rural health care leaders with all-things cybersecurity. We continue to extend our support to help rural healthcare sector accelerate the shift towards a more secured and sustainable health system.

Security always has been an uphill battle for rural and smaller community hospitals, since these hospitals lack the privilege enjoyed by their larger counterparts, with many being already running on shoestring budget and thin profit margins coupled with lack of cybersecurity awareness at the board level. This hot topic roundtable will explore issues that CEOs and Board members of rural hospitals face and what can be done to bridge the knowledge and communication gap.

More than 43% of employees are unaware that clicking on a suspicious attachment or link could lead to a catastrophic malware infection. Security awareness goes long way in dodging cyber threats.

We’re coming to AHA Rural Conference Roundtable to help bridge the knowledge gap between IT and the CEOs/Board Members

About 60 million Americans – nearly one in every five American — lives in rural area and relies on local community hospital for care with a typical rural hospital serving 4-5 counties. So the impact and extent of an attack on a rural hospital can be huge.

Victims of cyberattacks are no longer limited to large hospitals and health care systems, as rural hospitals too are being attacked regularly. Most rural hospitals have a small and overworked IT staff that is often tasked with keeping the network, systems and applications running while at the same time keeping a tab on cyber threats. There is a void between the IT team and the CEO and/or Board of Directors leading to lack of understanding. Bad technology decisions at the Board level can lead to loss of data and extended downtime that hospitals can’t afford. Cyber threats such as Ransomware can also shut down a hospital.

As a CEO or board member of a rural hospital – how do you know your hospital’s risk status?

  • Lack of certified resources & capital

  • Overburdened & small IT team

  • Communication gap between IT & CEOs

  • Lack of understanding at Board level

  • Bad technology decisions

  • Unpatched EHRs & EMRs

  • Outdated or end-of-life OS/devices

  • Lost or stolen devices

  • Unrestricted access to health systems

  • Unsecured mobile & connected (IoT) devices

  • Lack of firewall & network protection

  • Lack of backup & disaster recovery plan

About this talk

This hot topic roundtable discussion will shed some light on cybersecurity for rural hospitals and empower rural hospital CEOs and board members to speak as confidently about their cybersecurity risk posture as they do about their financial statements. The roundtable will discuss ways to effectively educate and communicate risk posture to the board and top executives.

Connect with our Cybersecurity Executive, Mr. Leo J Cole at the AHA Rural Conference Hot Topic Roundtable, as he talks about core issues that Board Members and CEOs face today and what can be done to bridge the knowledge and communication gap in getting the right answers. Cybersecurity for rural hospitals would be the standing agenda at the roundtable.


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Monday, February 7
12:30 – 2:00 pm

AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

Table No: 2

Location: Sonoran Sky Ballroom

Join us at the AHA Rural Conference Roundtable and get answers to the above questions and more!

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