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Diginyze CRM

Diginyze CRM, seamlessly integrate customer relationship management functionalities directly into a unified Diginyze platform. This powerful integration creates a centralized hub for all your vital customer information. Have all your customer data – purchase history, preferences, and communication history – readily accessible in one place. This unified view empowers businesses to gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, their needs, and buying journeys. With Diginyze CRM, you can create a fully customizable dashboard to monitor your marketing activities and customer data side-by-side. This real-time visibility allows to personalize marketing campaigns, deliver targeted promotions, and address customer concerns promptly, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Diginyze CRM Features

Unified Customer Data Access

  • Access and manage comprehensive customer information, including names, purchase history, and addresses, from one central location.

  • Enhance customer service and marketing strategies with complete data visibility.

Centralized Order/Shipment Tracking

  • Track order statuses and shipments through a single interface.

  • Improve logistics and customer communication with detailed tracking by email, carrier, and delivery status.

Order History Insights

  • Gain instant access to detailed order histories, pricing, and purchase patterns.

  • Leverage this information to boost sales and tailor marketing efforts.

Intelligent Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Utilize browsing history and analytics to understand and address cart abandonment.

  • Implement targeted strategies to encourage completion of purchases.

Comprehensive Point-of-Sale Integration

  • Combine eCommerce and point-of-sale features for a holistic business management solution.

  • Access real-time sales data for accurate forecasting and strategic planning.

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