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Revolutionize operations with smartly connected Production facilities

Smartly connected production facilities, devices, and machines enable predictive maintenance, fact-based decision-making, and reduces rejects and downtime. Your company’s future viability is increasingly dependent on how successfully it implements Industry 4.0 concepts and digitalizes its industrial processes.

Our Featured ServicesEvolve to a Smart Factory with our iterative, self-funding approach to transformation

Predictive Machine Maintenance

With Futurism’s Intelligent Engineering solutions, we use data and analytics, to predict possible manufacturing issues and resolve them before they cost production hours and ensure that your business remains up and running

Vertical and Horizontal Integration

Futurism’s smart factory solutions ensure vertical integration across your enterprise and horizontal integration among machines. We connect machines with people, as well as share data from the sensor to enterprise resource planning (ERP). The end-product is the elimination of knowledge silos and streamlining of communication across facilities.

Intelligent Dashboard

We provide a user-friendly, visually appealing, and automated dashboard window to showcase manufacturing optimization. We provide a single real-time view of your entire operation, with reporting and drill down to machines and processes for root cause analysis.

Cloud-Based Services

With Futurism’s Cloud-Based Services, we help you to transform how you operate, integrate into supply chains, and make products. We work with you to co-create a solution to minimize costs and double your competitive edge.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using Futurism’s Robotic Process Automation, you can improve productivity, increase your operational efficiency, minimize costs, reduce human error, and improve your customer experience.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Combining IoT and Artificial Intelligence with digital technologies, we deliver a 360-degree view of how your business is running and performing 24/7. We connect objects across your entire manufacturing operation enabling you to foresee issues and automate processes.

SAP Manufacturing Solutions

We have experience in the design and implementation of SAP platforms and services for global manufacturers. We can help you monitor, control, and optimize your production processes.

Workplace Services

With Futurism’s Workplace Services, we connect people with data, applications, processes, and devices securely. We offer a blended managed service that provides access to traditional, virtual, and mobile to deliver an agile and connected workforce.

Wearables Devices for Workers

At Futurism, we enable you to better manage workforce safety. Workers are monitored in real-time and the biometric data collected can be used to deliver safety improvements.

The ImpactThe Smart Factory makes it possible

Our Value PropositionGain visibility and control

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Built a Smart Warehouse Slotting Solution



Built a Smart Warehouse Slotting Solution

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