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What is a Smart Factory?

A smart factory approach is the paradigm shift from product IT vs process IT to an integrated model of processes, data flows and communication. This is modelled along the domains procurement, warehousing, supply chain, product development, production, production line maintenance and support, logistics and end-customer interactions.

Our Featured ServicesApply cognitive automation to the systems and see your business grow.

Predictive Machine Maintenance

One of the major areas where automation can do wonders is the business operations. Futurism helps you increase the efficiency of your business processes and reduce errors. We provide following services under Business Process Automation:

  • Operations Management

  • Project or Task Management

  • Customer Support

  • Social Media Management

Self Optimized Machine & Factories

    Financial sector is yet another major player where automation is a must. By automating the stringent, but repetitive tasks such as incentive calculation and data analytics; you can save nearly 25-50% of the cost. Some key factors of our services in financial automation are as follows:

  • Implementation of automation solution within stipulated time

  • Creating guidelines for design, assessment, development and deployment of automated processes

  • Aligning automated processes with compliances and regulations

  • Achieving reduction in cost involved in financial sector with the help of automation

Optimized Inventory Management

    Automated processes in HR department help you save a lot of time and resources. It also increases efficiency of the department. Automation frees the employees from the tedious, repetitive and manual tasks. They can focus on more complex tasks such as strategizing and decision making instead. Following are few benefits you get by automating the HR operations:

  • Reduction in cost

  • Streamlines the processes in the organization

  • Perform workforce analytics

  • Manage the vital functions such as compliance activities

Smart Asset Management

    Digital marketing is a necessity of today's modern world; but it may consume a lot of your time, cost and energy if the process is manual. Automating the marketing activities such as email marketing can help you keep a track of your customers and also focus of better ROI. We offer automation solutions in following aspects of marketing:

  • Analytics

  • Mobile marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media

Our Value PropositionDerive performance and efficiency of the processes with automation

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Built a Smart Warehouse Slotting Solution



Built a Smart Warehouse Slotting Solution

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