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Enterprise MobilityUp-scaling Enterprise to make it a mobile enterprise

Enterprise mobility makes workspace boundaries disappear. A modern workplace is agile is connected through cross-platform smart devices. Enterprise Mobility Solutions offer tools and services that help your organization move ahead quickly along with changing technology.We at Futurism, are dedicated to offer tailor-made solutions that will help organizations to walk on smart road to success by implementing intelligent applications and right mobility solutions.

ServicesEnterprise-centric approach with added advantage of mobility

Mobility Strategy

The mobility strategy for an enterprise is about managing mobile devices as well as about business. It enables the business to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly. We offer Mobility strategy solutions that engage customers in new ways. The strategy also boosts employee connectivity and productivity. Futurism offers strategic consulting support for:

  • Domain specific and Function specific Enterprise Mobility support

  • Technology strategy for integration of right technology platform and architecture

  • Innovative services

Enterprise-Centric Technical Configuration

    Mobility should not only talk about mobile devices, but also about technical configuration of the enterprises. Our strategies regarding mobility help you:

  • Deploy the best practices

  • Reduce the turnaround time of application development lifecycle

Customized Solutions

    Futurism builds solutions around your requirements. And hence, those solutions result in workspace mobility. These solutions induce the growth of the business. Besides, these solutions also offer:

  • Deployment of the enterprise-centric business strategies that make organizations agile

  • Catering to specific enterprise mobility challenges that help in driving towards constructive results

Comprehensive range of Quality Assurance & Testing capabilities

    The mobility solutions pass through a stringent Quality Assurance process of Futurism. These tests ensure that the solutions built for your business are efficient and futuristic. We offer a range of services related to Quality Assurance and Testing including:

  • Test Consulting

  • Testing CoE

  • Cloud based remote testing

  • Compliance testing

  • Specialized testing

Operational Excellence

    The mobility solutions offered by Futurism benefit your organization in more than one way. Apart from making your services and products mobile and efficient, we also offer:

  • Cost Management

  • IT Services

  • Process Enablement

Device-Centric enablement

    Mobility solutions are based on a wide range of mobile devices. Adaptability is the key feature of mobility solutions offered by Futurism. Here are some of the services that are device centric:

  • Device Management

  • Device Support

The ImpactBetter prevention of sensitive business data against existing and upcoming threats.

Our Value PropositionOur Value-added advanced mobility solutions

Case StudiesA deeper look into our impact

Developed Weather Application Platform



Developed Weather Application Platform

Developed iOS application with HTML5



Developed iOS application with HTML5

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