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Executive Summary

A leading automobile client simplifies the complex connections between the vehicle systems, the IVI/head unit stack, smartphones and the cloud. With application, automakers can create and manage smartphone-based Apps with the same well-controlled, uniform HMI as native Apps. The result is a level of integration and control one would normally expect only of fully-integrated App suites.

Client Challenges

Client wanted us to develop an automobile SDK based application that would work in Car’s dashboard. The app should display the weather of Heading and Current Location of Car.

Technology Stacks

  • Automobile SDK
  • Aptana Studio 3
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Our Solutions

  • With the help of Futurism Technologies, the client now has a very attractive and updated functional application with following features.
  • Offers automakers the fastest path to new connected Apps for their cars. Vehicle profiles make third-party. App development for cars safer and faster than ever.
  • Ready-to-launch App portfolio: Personalized music, Internet radio, news, social, weather, and vehicle diagnostics/telematics are some of the categories represented. Client App portfolio can be customized with an automaker’s brand and customer experience requirements.
  • Easy-to-generate App frameworks: Developers get convenient building blocks and controls to facilitate the implementation of their own App, consistent with an automaker’s brand and HMI specs.
  • Custom vehicle profiles: Client App provides simulated controls, services, and CAN data specific to any supported model of car. The developer can code Apps that will work with vehicles without having access to the vehicle during development and testing. Any vehicle-specific variations of HMI, such as a new multi-control knob or joystick control is simulated for the developer simply by selecting the right vehicle profile.
  • Enhanced portability and adaptability: Client App is designed accommodates almost any integration model: fully-embedded IVI with integrated or tethered connectivity, IVI / Smartphone hybrids, or off-board execution on Smartphones or Tablets. The HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript APIs are fast and reliable on several available HTML5 rendering frameworks. The connectivity layers are abstracted through standardized APIs so that App developers can write once and quickly port and adapt apps to new head units and vehicles as needed.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • The app implemented the Layout for Road Ahead List View
  • The app Handled Vehicle Parked functionality
  • Reflected the Top five Cities Data in the Road Ahead List View and Synced the weather information
  • Ready-to-launch App portfolio
  • Ensures a well-integrated product experience in the car, with safe, consistent HMI and a growing variety of reliable, performant Apps
  • Opens the power and diversity of the mobile App developer ecosystem to automakers
  • Enables scaling while reducing costs by streamlining the review, approval and publishing process
  • Manages the entire App lifecycle, from creation through distribution & monetization to end-of-life
  • Encourages the creation of powerful new App categories including rich telematics-driven Apps
  • Empowers automakers to easily adapt and extend brand and experiences across infotainment & telematics platforms
  • Integrates drivers’ connected digital lifestyles in a way that makes the smartphone irrelevant

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