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Futurism’s Smart Building Approach

Futurism’s smart building suite integrates various systems, sensors and assets scattered across your building/warehouse or estate and provides a unified view of your entire building portfolio. Manage all your critical assets including HVAC, security, fire, power solutions, etc. all in a single pane of glass.

Our smart building solution can integrate with your building management system (BMS) and facility management system along with critical assets and sensors to offer powerful and real-time analytics to facility managers and users.

  • Integration of various systems, sensors, and assets
  • Unified view of entire building portfolio
  • Management of critical assets (HVAC, security, fire, power solutions)
  • Real-time analytics through BMS and facility management system integration
  • Unparalleled device and system connectivity
  • Efficiency enhancement across portfolio
  • Predictive maintenance insights for problem prevention
  • Periodic monitoring and management of connected systems, sensors, and devices
  • Optimization of asset productivity and user comfort
  • Energy efficiency and intelligent insights into building portfolio

Key Challenges

  • Occupant Comfort
  • Building Operations
  • Space Utilization
  • Building Safety and Security
  • Energy Consumption
  • Keeping Track of Valuable Assets
  • Automate Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance schedules


  • Improve building energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Reduce maintenance and operational costs with predictive maintenance
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Enhance tenant security, comfort and safety with actionable insights
  • Seamless integration
  • Scalable and system agnostic smart building solutions
  • Improved asset management and monitoring with IoT tracking
  • Improved asset condition monitoring and optimization

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