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Hospital staff spends an average of 40+ hours per month looking for lost or misplaced equipment. Tracking down medical equipment or asset, especially during emergencies, can lead to fatal consequences. In a traditional hospital setting, critical equipment and assets are handled and shared in various care units and departments utilizing old-school methods (often on paper). This process can cost lives when the hospital staff is unable to locate a piece of equipment in times of medical emergencies or while rushing between rooms. This is where automated hospital asset tracking comes into the picture. Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution uses Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to help cut asset search time, offer real-time asset performance data, reduce loss of equipment loss, monitor equipment storage conditions and assist in predictive maintenance (PdM).

Why Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking?

Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution helps you leverage the power of IoT to track the location of every asset/equipment in your hospital in real-time, improve productivity, streamline critical workflows, drive patient care and experience, prevent equipment downtime, reduce asset search time and more.

Smart Medical Inventory Tracking

Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution helps to locate medical supplies and tools while tracking vital information on their use thus, improving medical inventory management and efficiency. Provides hospital staff and caregivers with instant access to information pertaining to asset and/or device location reducing search times and mitigating risks.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Our Hospital Asset Tracking Solution utilizes RTLS for streamlined equipment tracking and status monitoring of critical and high-value medical assets. It helps in asset requesting and location tracking in real-time. Get critical asset analytics including upcoming maintenance schedule or date, recent use, performance data, asset life, asset use patterns, predict demands and more at the click of a button, all from a single console.

Automated Inventory Tracking & Optimization

Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution leverages the power of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) to monitor the use and availability of diagnostic medical equipment and/or critical life-support equipment including but not limited to ventilators, incubators, imaging systems, dialysis machines, etc. and tracks key information on asset location, its use and performance, maintenance schedule and more in real-time.

Asset Tracking

Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution ensures role-based access and privileges to asset location for doctors, nurses, caregivers, etc. The solution records the usage data and patterns of users handling the equipment or asset in order to identify any suspicious or abnormal use or access requests thus, preventing asset misuse or breach.

Smart/Remote Patient Monitoring & Care

Motion sensing, fall detection, RFID tracking and inactivity monitoring are embedded into our RTLS solution to enable effective and faster medical attention to patients in need. This means improved patient care and medical inventory with fewer wait times and better workflow and staff/workload optimization. Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution ensures instant equipment discovery and availability as well as reduced staff burnout saving time and cost.

Predictive Asset Maintenance

Medical equipment requires frequent sterilization and monitoring to prevent infection in patients as well as hospital staff. Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking Solution helps to set up maintenance schedules for all medical assets and equipment by leveraging predictive analytics. Track equipment performance, maintenance schedules and usage history of critical assets in real-time to avoid unplanned downtime.

Want to see how Futurism Hospital Asset Tracking can help out unplanned asset downtime by 90% for your hospital?

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