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In the fast-paced retail landscape, small tweaks to the shopping experience can yield significant business results. Among the most promising tools to achieve this is Futurism's Smart Lighting system, powered by Internet of Things (IoT). Our cutting-edge solution goes beyond setting an ambience—it also enhances energy efficiency and reduces operational costs. Dive into how our Smart Lighting system is changing the game in food and large retail stores around the globe.

The Power of Smart Lighting

Running a retail business involves constant cost optimization, with energy and lighting expenses often eating into slim margins. Strategically placed and well-managed lighting can influence shopping behaviors by enhancing product visibility, setting the mood, and emphasizing promotional zones. Futurism Smart Lighting system brings you a perfect blend of automation and energy efficiency to significantly elevate the in-store experience.

Did you know?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates lighting to account for nearly 20% of a store's energy use. Imagine the potential savings you can unlock with Futurism's Smart Lighting solutions.

Advantages of Futurism Smart Lighting System

Boost Energy Efficiency, Save Costs

Futurism Smart Lighting uses state-of-the-art LEDs, using up to 75% less energy compared to traditional lighting. Our system adjusts brightness levels based on daylight or presence of customers, making the most of every watt of energy.

Elevate Shopping Experience

Experience the power of light in shaping your store's atmosphere. With our solution, a supermarket in Germany saw a 12% boost in fresh produce sales simply by enhancing lighting in that area.

IoT Integration

When paired with other IoT devices, our Smart Lighting system yields valuable customer behavior insights, helps manage inventory, and bolsters security.

Proactive Maintenance

Our Smart Lighting system allows for proactive maintenance, informing store managers when lights are nearing end-of-life. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Promote Safety & Sustainability

Well-lit parking lots and outdoor areas deter criminal activities, while smart lighting can guide people towards exits in emergencies. Enhance safety while promoting sustainability.

Customization & Adaptation

Easily alter lighting to match special events or holidays, create unique experiences, and potentially boost sales. Our smart lighting systems can adapt to weather conditions, dimming on bright days and brightening on cloudy ones for energy conservation and optimal illumination.

Boost Employee Productivity

Proper lighting reduces eyestrain and fatigue, improving employee productivity and well-being.

Real-Time Adjustments & Remote Management

Our Smart Lighting system can adapt to foot traffic in real-time and can be remotely controlled, ramping up operational efficiency.

Implementing Futurism Smart Lighting

The journey towards a smarter retail environment begins with an energy audit, followed by a customized lighting design. Our Smart Lighting system can be integrated with your central management system for real-time monitoring and adjustments.

Transform Your Retail Business with Smart Lighting

Futurism's Smart Lighting system offers more than a simple operational upgrade. It's a strategic move that adds value for customers, employees, and your business. Enhance the shopping experience, promote safety, and contribute to sustainability, driving your business into a brighter future.
Embrace Futurism's Smart Lighting solution and be ready for the future.

Ready to light up your retail space with Futurism's IoT-enabled Smart Lighting solutions?



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