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Manage your critical maritime assets in real-time with Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution

Monitor critical maritime devices, assets and KPIs such as vessel health, engine/generator, fuel consumption, bunkering monitoring, tank monitoring, pump sensors, container ships and more with intelligent and IoT-powered Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution from Futurism.

Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution powered by IoT helps with:

  • Fuel monitoring, alarm monitoring, switchboards, etc.
  • Collecting data from disparate field devices, vessel units, etc. via protocol like MQTT.
  • Works great with VSAT or satellite communication
  • Track and monitor all your critical maritime assets in real-time.
  • Monitor asset damage, fuel consumption, engine performance, cargo temperature, airflow, ventilation, etc.


Cost optimization in vessel management


Reduce fuel & lubricant expenditures on vessels


Cost saving through remote vessel monitoring

Why Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution?

Designed for vessel operators, vessel owners, charter party, and ship supplies companies, Futurism’s Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution helps with engine health and performance, remote maintenance, inspection and much more enabling vessel owners to save up to 35% costs.

Remotely monitor and track your vessel’s:

  • Main engines
  • Boilers
  • Generators
  • GPS
  • Fuel monitoring system
  • Tank gauging system
  • Remote engine & generator monitoring
  • Remote fuel consumption monitoring
  • Bunkering & tank monitoring
  • Remote vessel health monitoring and inspection
  • Vessel performance monitoring
  • Predictive analytics (predictive maintenance)
  • Vessel crew management and safety
  • Data visualization and daily reporting
  • Push notifications and regular alerts and reporting
  • Vessel GPS monitoring (real-time location tracking)
  • Boiler, fuel and tank monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Real-time monitoring & engine consumption tracking
  • Real-time onshore vessel data
  • Condition based remote monitoring

Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution - Benefits

Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution is designed to seamlessly fetch data from disparate maritime data acquisition units i.e. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) controllers that can collect data from different types of maritime and vessel equipment/machinery and teleport the same to the cloud securely.

Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution - Features

Irrespective of wherever your vessel goes, you ought to take care of it 24/7. Futurism Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution gives you instant and on-demand access to all of the mission-critical aspects and KPIs of your vessel from anywhere and on the run. Leave all your worries pertaining to vessel monitoring to our IoT-enabled Smart Remote Vessel Monitoring Solution and get real-time alerts and insights at your fingertips.

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