Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season

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December 30, 2016 - 4.2K
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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season

With the holiday season already here, we are sure that most e-commerce retailers will be busy planning and scheduling email campaigns. Like every year, they might have already generated some leads from their post-Halloween campaigns, and may be looking forward to a few more. However, this post is put up with the sole purpose of helping e-commerce retailers maximize the value of their holiday email marketing campaigns.

10 Tested and Proven Tips for Merrier Holiday Email Marketing Results

Here are the top tips that will ensure you merrier results this holiday season:

1. Holiday Preview Sale with Additional Discounts: Needless to say, that holiday marketing is all about discounts. What if you could offer additional discounts? You can run preview sales for your regular customers and encourage them to bring their family and friends by providing them additional discounts. You can allow the prospects to sign up the email list.

2. Add Some Emotions to Your Subject Line: Everyone is trying to make their holiday emails stand out, and perhaps you are not different. Like every year you might be thinking of bombarding your holiday email marketing campaigns with lucrative offers. Why don’t you try to put some thoughts into your campaign title line? Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

• A special holiday gift for our special customer (you can add your business name)

• 5 Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Consider (This suits if you are into gifting business or you wish to promote your products)Special Tip: Many recent surveys suggest that subject line comprising five to ten words have high open rates, as high as 21%.

3. Free Shipping: This might not be a new concept, still people love the concept of free shipping. Many eCommerce websites provide holiday gifts at attractive prices, but they fail to assure free shipping. Many people agree that high shipping charges kill their holiday gifting spirits. You can add value to your customers purchase by providing free shipping on certain products. You can encourage people to buy online, and avail benefits of free shipping!

4. Being Naughty Or Nice Will Save You This Holiday Season: All these years, you were made to believe that it is always better to be polite and nice to your customers. However, it is the same this year, but the only difference is you should allow them to be naughty or nice. For example: Get Your $10 bonus added to your shopping card ( Nice) or Grab Your $10 bonus on your new shopping card and gift it to your loved one ( Naughty).

5. Boost Spirits of the Season with Suggestions: Many people may argue that suggestions don’t add any value to the business. However, the same is not true. You can always give some valuable suggestions that people will appreciate, for example “Futurism’s Gift Guide for Happy Holidays”. Even if you are not in the business of holiday gifts, still these suggestions will work wonders for you.Special Tip: Use the opportunity to promote your services.

6. Assure that you are ready to Serve Your Customers in the New Year: There are chances that you don’t have anything big to offer your customers this holiday season. However, that doesn’t mean its the end of the holiday email marketing campaign. You can gear up the pace by informing customers your future marketing plans. For example: You can encourage them to subscribe your newsletters, and enjoy free informational videos or free e-catalog for the New Year. This will help people understand that you own a future-friendly business.

7. Last Minute Saver Ideas: There are all chances that many of your customers are last minute bloomers. You can save them from embarrassment by giving some last minute gift ideas or last minute price saving choices.

8. Celebrate Your Success: Holiday is the season to make a personal connection with your customers. You can thank them for their support and faith in your brand.

9. Holiday Videos: You can add some life to your regular holiday emails by including a holiday video. You can perhaps give your customers a free virtual tour of your store to show how you are prepared to welcome them. You can also show your enthusiastic employees.

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10. Go Mobile: There has been a surge in mobile usage. Most of your consumers may be hooked to their mobile phones for the latest holiday deals, product details, and competitive prices. This means its a time that you start addressing them. If you ignore them it is going to be a big loss for your business.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips to build a successful holiday email marketing campaign. The success of your campaign will trigger your sales in 2017.

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