10 Ways To Do Digital Marketing During an Economic Downturn

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January 20, 2023 - 4.2K
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10 Ways To Do Digital Marketing During an Economic Downturn

We’re heading towards a global economic upheaval. After braving the pandemic, finance experts have been issuing stark warning of an impending economic downturn in the near future. As a result, businesses have been reprioritizing their digital initiatives and spending. Many organizations are resorting to layoffs, cost-cutting measures, realigning their budgets (technology spends) to sail through the downturn. However, marketing is one such activity that ought to prevail no matter what. So how do companies maintain their brand presence during a global financial crisis?  

It is quintessential for businesses to be aware of changing consumer behavior and market dynamics to optimize their marketing strategy during an economic downturn. Several industry experts have identified and discovered certain trends in consumer behaviors and the ways businesses have secured their brand presence during such crises.

One of the most prominent and major challenges faced by businesses during a financial crisis is lack of superfluous cash to spend on quality and performance-focused digital marketing consulting services.

10 Ways to do Digital Marketing in Recession

  • Optimize your Website

Check your website’s efficacy of generating leads and look out for improvements. A good digital marketing consultant can employ web analytics experts to run detailed website audits. This will help you analyze and identify  pages that are visited most frequently, pages that receive the least interaction, and overall user behavior on your site. Such web analytics data can help you optimize your website marketing strategy and thus, you can spend only on what you need and not on irrelevant strategies.

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  • Change your Existing Marketing Strategy

Try result-centric performance marketing: You can also leverage performance marketing strategy to make the best use of each penny that you pay to your online marketing agency. Thus, you can improve the performance of your campaign with proper analysis and save money rather than spending on futile ads that won’t garner the desired results. You can always optimize and/or scale your performance marketing spend as per your budget and needs.

  • Assess your Digital Marketing Budget

You won’t be able to afford unnecessary costs during a financial crunch. Measures that don’t provide a sufficient return on investment must be discarded. You ought to assess the cost and ROI of your current branding and marketing services to identify areas where you can cut costs. Even modest cost reductions in digital marketing consulting services can have a significant impact during a financial crisis. Most importantly, channelizing your marketing spend toward areas that are producing a higher return on investment is a blessing during economic downturn.

  • Set your Priorities Right

You ought to set your priorities when it comes to digital marketing in recession. You can refine your online presence and spend money wisely leveraging a cost-iterative and organic digital marketing and branding strategies that blend a perfect mix of SEO tips and tricks (organic marketing) and social media marketing services that will benefit your company in the long run.

  • Optimize your Online Presence

Your online presence should not face the heat during an economic disruption. This is where online reputation management services (ORM) strategy comes into picture. This is because 80% of users are influenced by how a brand or business presents itself on the digital platform during a financial crisis. Therefore, ramp up your ORM efforts and utilize this period of economic downturn as an opportunity to boost your digital presence.  

  • Create User Engaging Content

You ought to continue producing content without fail. However, make sure that the content quality generated is user-centric and relevant. In addition, it is equally important to produce innovative, buyer-persona centric and quality content today to influence your audience during times of a financial crisis. With a trusted content marketing services provider by your side, you can create and circulate content that resonates with your audience thus, increasing brand recognition.

  • Look at New Digital Marketing KPIs

The most crucial thing at this time is not the sales, but your focus on recent key performance indicators. This is why it is advisable to identify and use most recent digital marketing KPIs and fine-tune your current digital marketing services approach. This will help you track your success and stay on the correct path by realigning your priority. For instance, identify your short-term digital marketing goal and tread accordingly.

  • Go after the Low Hanging Fruits

Some customer groups are simpler to sell to and these are the people:  

  • Who fall under your primary target audience
  • Who are your existing clients or consumers
  • With a high LTV or lifetime value for your company
  • Who continue to purchase from you – repeat/loyal customers

Pay attention to these customer groups. These are the individuals you should prioritize and focus on while developing or optimizing your strategy for digital marketing in recession. Of course, you need a stronger pitch, a more focused message, and an appropriate branding and marketing services strategy. Employing a trusted digital marketing consultant can work wonders here for you when it comes to achieving the desired ROI.

  • Give a Solid Push to Cash Cows

Cash cows are goods/offerings that are USPs or specialization of your organization and bring in the most money. Try to channelize your marketing efforts towards these offerings. Now this doesn’t mean ignoring other offerings, but infers that you should pay more attention to offerings that are generating more money during these difficult times instead of footing in money on products or offerings that you are not sure about. Maybe you can think about mobile app marketing services for a particular product that performed well in the recent past to broaden your reach.  

  • Compare, Compete and Strive

A trusted online marketing agency will help you track and identify your site’s behavior along with a competitor analysis. For instance, Google Analytics offers a fantastic approach to compare several website pages to determine how well they support your conversion objectives thus, helping you to track the pages and areas that require immediate attention and tweaks instead of spending additionally. It helps to monitor key parameters like bounce rate, average time on page, and page views among others so you may improve underperforming web pages.


Economic turbulence is unavoidable, but it certainly doesn’t have to be brutal either. It is certain to how the coming year will shape up, but businesses should use this as cunning opportunity when it comes to handling their brand presence. According to research, businesses that optimize their marketing priorities and efforts in an intelligent manner will sail smoothly through the recession.

Futurism has evolved as a trusted digital marketing consultant for hundreds of businesses worldwide with its performance-focused and data-driven digital marketing and branding services. We can help you get aboard a painless and self-funding digital marketing journey that will deliver guaranteed ROI and results without bombing your budget. We offer fully-customizable and scalable branding and marketing services and solutions that are reasonably priced and tailor made to suit your needs and budget. We’ll quickly evaluate and optimize your existing strategies/priorities and set out new goals and priorities while reducing costs.       

Get in touch with our digital marketing expert now to see how we can help you with your marketing and branding needs during recession.

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