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Content Marketing Services

Content is the most powerful tool for businesses because words evoke human expressions and influence their decision-making. Compelling content helps build trust, boost customer loyalty, and generate leads. As a result, content marketing has become the most integral aspect of digital marketing. A 2019 research by SEMrush indicates that 77% of companies are focused on building strong content marketing strategies. As a result, the term “content marketing strategy” has become one of the most widely searched queries online. Being a full-service digital transformation company, we understand the role of impressive and search engine-friendly content in digital marketing. Our team comprises content writers who combine their domain knowledge with updated SEO guidelines and the best practices of research to deliver exceptional quality content that is loved by both – customers and search engines!


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    This is the most effective type of content for creating brand awareness. According to Content Marketing Institute, 89% of content marketers use blogs as part of their content marketing strategy. This is because a well-written business blog can increase leads by at least 67%. At Futurism Technologies, we use the following types of blogs to boost your web traffic and engage your specific target audience.

  • Articles

  • Listicles

  • How-to-Articles

  • News Posts

  • Personal Experience Posts

  • Media-Rich Articles


    This type of content is written with the purpose of giving out information. Articles are longer than regular blogs and they focus on multiple aspects of the topics, which are divided in comprehensible sections. Our experts regularly work on the following types of articles to meet client-specific requirements:

  • Expository articles including news stories, technical articles, how-to-articles

  • Persuasive/argumentative articles including product reviews, sales presentations, and so on

Press Releases

    Do you have a business news that is worth sharing? You can easily do it through a press release. Writing a press release takes a little extra effort than any other type of content. You can leave this to us, and our team of writers will create it and get it published on worthy news websites. We regularly create the following types of press releases:

  • Launch Release

  • Product Press Release

  • Expert Position Press Release

  • Event Press Release

  • General News


    Do you want to increase brand credibility and build trust among readers? The white paper is the best choice. It is in-depth, authoritative, and well-structured content written on a given subject. Today, more than 70% of business buyers use white papers to make their buying decision. It is likely that 75% of your prospective B2B buyers would like to share their contact details with you for an authoritative white paper. We provide the following types of white papers.

  • Backgrounders

  • Problem/Solution White Papers

  • Numbered Lists


    Are you looking for effective ways to present your business concepts in an easy-to-comprehend manner? If yes, infographics is the best choice because it involves the visual representation of your business information. In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most effective ways to improve your brand credibility across search engines and social media platforms. At Futurism Technologies, we can create the following types of infographics to meet your diverse business needs.

  • Statistical Infographics

  • Timeline Infographics

  • Informational Infographics

  • Comparison Infographics

  • List Infographics

Web Page Content

    A search engine-friendly and target-specific web page content is what makes you a Google favorite. Every business, irrespective of its size, today uses relevant web page content to drive traffic to their website. This is one popular inbound marketing strategy that will continue to influence search engines and attract prospects and customers to come to your website repeatedly. At Futurism Technologies, we help clients optimize their search engine ranking and improve web traffic with the following types of web page content.

  • Landing Pages

  • Testimonials

  • Call to Action

  • Content Assets including white papers, user manuals, brochures, eBooks, case studies, and brochures

  • Audio and Video Content

Email Newsletters

    Do you want to engage your customers and keep them closer to your brand? If yes, you can approach them with the information on new products, services, or special prices and offers. Email newsletters are generally kept short and are the most comprehensible form of your business information, which makes them appealing to a wide section of audience. We can create the following types of email newsletters for you:

  • Dedicated Emails

  • Welcome Emails

  • Lead Nurturing Emails

  • Review Request Emails

  • Transaction Emails

  • Brand Story Emails

  • Re-engagement Emails

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