Mobile App Marketing Services

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Mobile App Marketing Services

Mobile applications have emerged as important business assets in the last few years. In 2020, mobile applications consumer spend attained $143 billion, which was at least 20% more than the previous year. According to various reports, users spend almost 92% of their mobile time on various mobile apps. Today, businesses understand that mobile applications are a great way to reach their prospective customers. Every day hundreds of mobile apps are launched on Google Play Store and iTunes Store. The truth – many of these apps are never marketed properly, and so are rarely downloaded and some apps are deleted by people after few uses. Nowadays, people consider app ranking while downloading these apps. At Futurism Technologies, we help clients attain high app ranking scores through our tailored marketing strategies.


Services Powering you with app marketing strategies that supercharge your growth

Pre-launch Marketing Strategy

    We believe customers will download the app only if they trust it or is recommended by known sources. Thus, our experts craft strong pre-launch Android and iPhone app marketing strategies to familiarize your customers with the app much before the launch. We achieve this through demographic analysis, creating action-driven landing pages, email marketing, blogs, social media, and so on.

App Marketing Consulting

    Today, most apps are developed as native applications or cross-platform applications. Each methodology has its advantages and disadvantages. Being an experienced mobile app marketing services provider, we help our clients understand the benefits and downsides of these methodologies, and determine the best methodology for them based on the size, location, and complexity of the target market. We also help them build focused marketing strategies for each of these methodologies.

App Audit

    Our experts perform a comprehensive audit of the app’s recommendations, reviews, and USPs before creating and executing a marketing strategy. These audits help us and our clients understand the areas of improvement and build strategies that help us overcome challenges that may be hindering an app’s success rate.

App User Acquisition Strategies

    We focus on personalized user acquisition strategies for your app. These strategies are crafted such that they inspire and prompt installation and high usage among users. We employ strategies such as professional screenshots, demo videos, in-app referrals, emails, press releases, and native ads to inspire installation. We use the most accurate user analytics to analyze the installation and user behavior through the app’s lifecycle. This analysis data allow us to refine our marketing strategies and accelerate the rate of installation.

App User Engagement

    Customer engagement is equally important as attracting them to your app. This is because high download rates will not help if there are no active users or active buyers on your app. We help our clients increase app user engagement through strategies such as in-product or in-app messaging, creating welcome pages, or push notifications. In addition to this, we collect user feedback through a number of shares, likes, or comments and user surveys.

App Reputation Management

    We provide online reputation management (ORM) services that help improve your app reputation among users. A good user experience on an app is a combination of several factors such as app security, performance, user interface, and stability of your app. We help clients improve in all these areas and re-brand their apps for better outreach. During re-branding, our experts always focus on driving app marketing campaigns with a unique concept and proven approach.

App Store Optimization

    We can help you get your app ranked for the most popular keywords through our proven app store optimization (ASO) strategies such as keyword optimization, app title optimization, search optimized and clickable app descriptions, app reviews and ratings, app logo, app screenshots, app categorization, and so on.

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