Futurism to Address the Biggest Security Challenges at RSS 2022

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October 13, 2022 - 6.2K
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Futurism to Address the Biggest Security Challenges at RSS 2022

Get fresh insights from our COO and technology expert on cybersecurity, cloud security, threat detection, risk management, and engage in interactive sessions that can help you solve your most critical security challenges.

Futurism is glad to announce its participation in one of the esteemed cybersecurity events, Rochester Security Summit 2022 (12-13 October in New York). The key focus of the event is cyber security where eminent speakers from the cybersecurity domain are set to share their thoughts and insights. Futurism being an IBM Global Partner and Cloud Aggregator Services Provider has marked its global footprints with a vast clientele and it is a proud moment for us to be a part of the most self-esteemed cyber security event, RSS 2022.

“We are very excited to be a part of the RSS 2022 event and meet big brands and security leaders there. As this has been a long-awaited event for all of us coupled with the surging demand for cyber tech in the market, I believe this event will be a great success. At RSS 2022, we are coming up with our key cybersecurity offerings that will help businesses secure their business in today’s evolving threat landscape,”

said Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO, of Futurism Technologies

Continuing the talk Mr. Pansare says

“If you are planning to invest in cybersecurity, move on as today data is maintained digitally hence a robust security system is quintessential not only for preventing data breach but for creating a workspace beyond that as we are yet to utilize this technology at its full potential”.

Futurism brings Zero Trust Security at Rochester Security Summit

Recent innovations and surge in the demand for digitization have shown the significance of latest tools and technologies for enterprises to survive and flourish in the global market. With innovation, there comes new complexities and risks.

Futurism is excited to announce themselves as a proud participant of RSS 2022 which is going to help many businesses worldwide on best managed cybersecurity solutions. As this summit will bring many thought leaders and speakers on board and the quality of the solution is expected to be world class as well. With us, you can enable your enterprise to embrace the technologies of tomorrow, today — and do it in the safest possible manner.

Future Endpoint Secure

A single endpoint managed security service, EndPoint Secure offers better visibility and control over your devices and data, it helps manage endpoint policies and security threats for all of your endpoints, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and IoT devices. With EndPoint Secure, you can avoid the expenses and hassles associated with independent mobile security solutions.

We are bringing a pack of below listed offerings at RSS 2022:

  • Fully managed endpoint security
  • Managed MAM and MDM service
  • IBM X-Force threat intelligence
  • Zero Trust Security Model
  • Endpoint security for all critical endpoints
  • Endpoint security for connected medical devices (IoMT)

Futurism Eagle Eye

Advanced threat protection service powered by IBM QRadar (SIEM), IBM Watson AI and IBM X-Force, Futurism Eagle Eye provides multiple layers of security resources to offer latest protection from advanced sophisticated threats including new strands of Ransomware and multi-prong attacks. By strengthening your security posture, Eagle eye helps in leveraging a Zero Trust Security Framework using IBM QRadar, IBM Watson AI and X-Force.

  • Advanced threat protection (IBM QRadar & IBM X-Force)
  • Protection against new strands of Ransomware and multi-prong attacks
  • Zero Trust Security Framework
  • Real-time threat intelligence (IBM Watson AI)
  • Automatic threat investigation capabilities
  • Insider threat detection

Futurism Secure-Access

To embrace “identification” as the foundation of a Zero Trust Security architecture for effective identity and access management, use Futurism Secure-Access. By utilizing a potent combination of risk-based authentication and AI-driven access controls, it provides a modular as well as data-centric (AI-driven) IAM strategy to assist in determining who will have access to what and how. You will have a glance of below mentioned capabilities at RSS 2022 for our IAM solution:

  • Risk-based mobile multi-factor authentication
  • Risk-based access policies powered by AI
  • Control over critical assets with identity federation
  • Perfect balance between usability and security
  • Intelligent hybrid IAM approach
  • Improved end-user productivity

Futurism Data-Protect

Futurism offers fully managed database protection and monitoring services powered by IBM Guardium. We are coming to RSS 2022 with our powerful data protection and monitoring service, Futurism Data-Protect, which ensures powerful and centralized database monitoring.

  • Identify and monitor unauthorized access and data theft
  • Improved security strategy and maturity
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) & security governance
  • Faster remediation and threat response
  • Intelligent data and threat analytics powered by IBM Guardium
  • Powerful and centralized database monitoring

Why should you attend Rochester Security Summit 2022?

Events and conferences have always been an integral part of businesses to bring up their brand value and at RSS 2022, we are gathering our most pertinent resources in one location to assist you in finding the answers to your most pressing questions related to cybersecurity, cyber threats, and risk management. Rochester Security Summit 2022 is committed to providing you with insights on all-things cybersecurity:

  • Interact and hear from elite cybersecurity speakers and thought leaders
  • Exposure to world-class security solutions
  • More than 500 businesses and leaders
  • Learn from informative keynotes
  • Get the CISOs Perspective as well
  • Opportunity to dive into the industry’s most demanding topic

Feel free to catch up with our Global COO Mr. Praful M at the Rochester Security Summit 2022 to discuss on how we help businesses strengthen their security posture with coming-of-age cybersecurity solutions. To know more about RSS 2022 and book an appointment, visit: Futurism at Rochester Security Summit 2022

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