Team Futurism to discuss all-things
Cybersecurity at RSS 2022

Futurism Technologies is excited to participate in the Rochester Security Summit 2022 aka the RSS 2022 in Rochester, NY. As a leading IBM Global Business Partner and Cloud Aggregator Services Provider, Futurism takes great pride to attend the most esteemed cybersecurity event, the Rochester Security Summit 2022 to talk about all-things cybersecurity to empower businesses to become cybersmart and future-ready.

The Rochester Security Summit 2022 is a premier event for cybersecurity awareness. This two-day Summit features some of the great keynote speakers and panels who aim to educate the masses in IT and cybersecurity including expert cyber awareness-focused talks, interactive and meaningful discussions, networking opportunities, and much more.

  • Futurism EndPoint Secure
  • Futurism Eagle Eye
  • Futurism Secure-Access
  • Futurism Data-Protect

Futurism EndPoint Secure

End-to-end cybersecurity solutions to gain better visibility and control over all your IT/network infrastructure and endpoints including mobile devices, IoT devices, wearables, business data, etc.

  • Fully managed endpoint security
  • Managed MAM and MDM service
  • IBM X-Force threat intelligence
  • Zero Trust Security Model
  • Endpoint security for all critical endpoints
  • Endpoint security for connected medical devices (IoMT)

Futurism Eagle Eye (IBM QRadar SIEM)

Advanced threat protection service powered by IBM QRadar (SIEM), IBM Watson AI (advanced threat intel), and IBM X-Force.

  • Advanced threat protection (IBM QRadar & IBM X-Force)
  • Protection against Ransomware and multi-prong attacks
  • Zero Trust Security Framework
  • Real-time threat intelligence (IBM Watson AI)
  • Automatic investigation capabilities
  • Insider threat detection

Futurism Secure-Access (IBM Verify Access)

Managed Identity & Access Management (IAM) services powered by IBM Verify Access. Intelligent (AI-driven) and modular IAM approach.

  • Risk-based mobile multi-factor authentication
  • Risk-based access policies powered by AI
  • Control over critical assets with identity federation
  • Perfect balance between usability and security
  • Intelligent Hybrid IAM approach
  • Improved end-user productivity

Futurism Data-Protect (IBM Guardium)

Fully managed database protection and monitoring service powered by IBM Guardium. Powerful and centralized database monitoring.

  • Identify and monitor unauthorized access and data theft
  • Improved security strategy and maturity
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) & security governance
  • Faster remediation and threat response
  • Intelligent data and threat analytics powered by IBM Guardium
  • Powerful and centralized database monitoring

Team Futurism at Rochester Security Summit 2022 Team Futurism looks forward to help and educate security professionals, CXOs, business managers, enterprises, and the community on how to secure information systems and data at the RSS 2022. Connect with our Global COO, Mr. Praful M (Mobile: +1 732 790 2376) over coffee at the Rochester Security Summit 2022 to learn how we help organizations strike a perfect balance between usability and security with our Managed Security Acceleration Services.

Meet Us We look forward to welcoming you at Rochester Security Summit 2022 and help you secure your business in today’s digital-first economy.

Wed, 12 Oct, 2022 – Thu, 13 Oct, 2022

Rochester Security Summit 2022

Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, NY

More than 1000 Exhibitors, 30+ Countries, and more than 50 speakers from around the world.

About Futurism Technologies Futurism Technologies is a leading and trusted IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping businesses around the world to embrace market-winning security technology (IBM) with proprietary and licensing cybersecurity solutions powered by advanced threat intelligence technology. We offer Security Consulting, Advisory, Integration and’24 x 7′ Managed Security Acceleration Services worldwide through our state-of-the-art SOC centers located in the U.S., UAE & India. Connect with our COO and cybersecurity experts at the RSS 2022 to understand how we help businesses stay ahead of the threats in today’s fast-evolving threat landscape.

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