Futurism: CERT-In and RBI
Compliant Cybersecurity Company

Futurism Technologies, a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner takes great pride to launch its all-new and state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) at our Pune Research & Development Centre.

We are ISO 27001 certified, CERT-In and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant to meet the international security standards. We also comply with the RBI guidelines.



ISO 27001


SOC 2 Type 2


Next-Gen Managed Security Acceleration Services for UCBs

State-of-the-art C-SOC

Advanced C-SOC equipped with best-in-class and multiple security layers to take care of physical and data security. We make sure that physical, virtual or logical access to our C-SOC is only available to authorized personnel only.

Best-of-Breed SOC Engineers

Highly experienced and certified SOC Engineers who work 24X7 to ensure zero breaches, data loss, or incidents. They ensure strong operational procedures (SOPs) to provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions.

Zero Trust Framework

Trusted IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping organizations adopt industry-leading IBM Threat Intelligence by leveraging a Zero Trust Framework through our licensing and proprietary cybersecurity solutions powered by IBM.

RBI Compliant Security Services for UCBs

Comprehensive cybersecurity framework formulated for UCBs based on a graded approach. UCBs have been categorized into four levels based on their digital depth and interconnectedness to the payment systems landscape.

Key Operating Factors of our C-SOC:

  • Monitor, Analyze and Escalate Security Incidents
  • Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover
  • Incident Management and Forensic Analysis
  • Coordinate with Stakeholders within the UCB and External Agencies
  • World-class SIEM platform (IBM QRadar) for 24*7 SIEM & Log Management
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence & Detection
  • Continuous Suspicious Monitoring
  • Incident Remediation, Risk Mitigation & Breach Investigation
  • Real-time Monitoring, Alerts and Offenses, and Responses to Network Threats
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Dedicated, Shared & Blended
  • Pre-Transition Readiness, Competency Mapping & Process Transformation
  • Agreement on Service Bundling & Delivery Management

CERT-In Compliant (RBI Cybersecurity Framework for UCBs)

Our CERT-In compliant C-SOC is fully-equipped to provide managed security services aimed at helping UCBs comply with the control requirements as prescribed by the RBI cybersecurity framework in Annex I, II, III & IV. The four levels prescribed by RBI are defined as below:

Level I

    For all UCBs

  • Bank-specific email domain with DMARC controls

  • Two-factor authentication for CBS, etc.

Level II

    All UCBs including sub-members of the Centralized Payment Systems or CPS that offer online banking and/or mobile banking facility or are direct members of UPI/IMPS or CTS.

  • Includes all controls of Level I

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Anti-phishing

  • VAPT of critical endpoints and applications

Level III

    UCBs that are direct members of CPS, own ATM switch and SWIFT interface.

  • Includes all controls of Level II

  • Advanced real-time threat protection and management

  • Risk-based banking transaction monitoring and protection

Level IV

    UCBs that are members or sub-members of CPS and have their own ATM switch, SWIFT interface, host data center or provide software support to other banking organizations on their own or through wholly owned subsidiary.

  • Includes all controls of Level III

  • Fully-equipped Cyber Security Operation Center or C-SOC

  • IS & IT Governance Framework

New-age Cyber Security Operation Center for UCBs

Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner with a state-of-the-art and fully equipped C-SOC that offers cybersecurity solutions for UCBs that comply with all the RBI cybersecurity regulatory controls (Level I, II, III & IV).

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