6 Tips to Make Your Video Go Viral

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November 22, 2016 - 2.2K
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6 Tips to Make Your Video Go Viral

Content that is highly shareable leads more people to the websites, and thus leads to an increase in conversions. Getting videos to go viral is not an easy task, but there are certain tricks and tips that can help make your video viral.

Tips & Tricks to Make your Video Viral:

Here are some of the tactics that can help you in making your videos go viral:

1. Be Unique: No one likes old style videos. Most people are always looking out for something new to view. So to get the attention of maximum audience, you have to create a video that is fresh, and unique. Try to be creative. Watch different videos related to your niche. Analyze them, find faults in those videos, and rectify those faults in your video to make it better.

2. Add Catchy Titles, Informative Descriptions, and Appropriate Keywords: While uploading a video on YouTube, or any other video sharing platform, you get a form where you are required to fill the video title and description. While most people take this part very lightly and leave the form blank, some of them add something just for the sake of filling the form. This is not a good sign as you can lose a huge potential audience due to this. Catchy titles and descriptions play a vital role in terms of search engine traffic, so it is always recommended to dedicate some time to them.
Do a proper analysis of the keywords related to your video, and add these keywords in the tags section. For this, you can take help of the Google Keyword tool. The tool will help you to identify the search volume and competition for the keywords.

3. Catch the Attraction of Your Audience: To make your video viral, you have to encourage the audience to spread the word about your video. For this, you have to make sure that your audience is able to find your video and watch it. Always remember to add a catchy thumbnail to your video. Thumbnails play an important role in increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) for your video. Adding a thumbnail helps a great deal in finding a video. You can either select a frame from the video or create a custom image that is relevant to the video content. Make sure that the thumbnail is catchy enough to attract the audience. Along with a catchy thumbnail, you also need to have an equally catchy tagline. By doing this, the audience will not only watch the video, but also share it if they find it interesting.

4. Make Your Video Short and Interesting: As rightly said, this is a 140 characters Twitter generation. People are looking for lots of information in a short time. So creating a video that lasts for more than one minute is a big NO if you want to make it viral. The attention spans are getting shorter day by day, and this points to the fact that you need to tighten up your video content. According to a survey published in The New York Times, more than 19 percent of people watched a video for only 10 seconds. Around 44 percent of people lost the interest after one minute. This shows that near about half the audience is lost after minute one. Thus, you need to put all the interesting information as early as possible in the video. While creating a viral video, you do not want to keep the best for last.

5. Get the Audience Engaged: Audience engagement is one of the keys to virality. It leads to loyalty and interest of the audience towards your video. Everyone likes to be heard, and thus you can think of adding a portion to your video, which answers viewer questions. This will give a boost to the video, and make it more shareable.

6. Make Your Video Shareable: Virality of a video is dependent on its shares. If your viewers are finding it hard to share your video, then you are losing out the chances of making your video viral. Consider making it easier for your audience to share your video across the web. You can do it by adding social media sharing links under the video, and encourage shares at the end of the video. A quick encouragement to share your content can make a huge difference in increasing the virality of your video.

Creating a viral video is not easy. However, the six tips given above will make it a bit easier for you to improve the quality, shareability, and hence the virality of your video content.

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