PBI Data Breach Exposes PHI of Over 1.2 Million Individuals

PBI Data Breach Exposes PHI of Over 1.2 Million Individuals

In a recent cybersecurity incident, Pension Benefit Information, LLC, also known as PBI Research Services (PBI), confirmed that the protected health information (PHI) of up to 1,209,825 individuals was exposed. The breach was orchestrated by the notorious Clop ransomware group, which exploited a Zero-Day vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer file transfer solution.

PBI, a prominent entity in pension management services, caters to a diverse clientele including insurance companies, financial institutions, and third-party administrators. Forensic investigations revealed that the Clop hackers accessed one of PBI’s MOVEit Transfer servers. The stolen data included encompassed names, partial mailing addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers. While the exact number of affected individuals remains uncertain, estimates suggest it could exceed 1.2 million.

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In a related development, Wilton Reassurance Life Company, a client of PBI, announced that it too had suffered a significant data breach, compromising the sensitive personal information of more than 1.2 million of its customers.

To address the concerns of the affected individuals, PBI has initiated the process of sending out notification letters after the attack was identified. As a preventive measure, the company is offering 12 to 24 months of complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to the impacted individuals.

This incident underscores the increasing threat posed by Ransomware groups such as Mallox and Akira. The Clop gang, in particular, has been involved in multiple attacks, exploiting the MOVEit vulnerability across various organizations.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations across various sectors including banking, healthcare, manufacturing and all are urged to remain vigilant, regularly update their security protocols, and educate their employees about potential risks.

Preventive Measures to Thwart Cyber Attacks: A Futurism Perspective

In light of the recent cyber attack on Pension Benefit Information, LLC, it’s evident that organizations need to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. Futurism Technologies, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, offers a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses protect their digital assets.

Futurism suggests the following preventive measures:

  • Zero Trust Security Framework: Adopting a Zero Trust Security Framework ensures that every user, regardless of their location or access method, undergoes rigorous cybersecurity checks. This framework operates on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” ensuring that every access request is authenticated and authorized.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): EDR solutions monitor and respond to threats on endpoint devices. By continuously tracking endpoint activities, EDR can detect anomalies and respond in real-time, preventing potential breaches.

  • Behavioral Monitoring: This involves deploying advanced threat protection system to track user behavior to identify unusual patterns and anomalies. Any deviation from the norm could indicate a potential threat, allowing for immediate action.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Regularly assessing your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities can help in identifying potential weak points.Futurism’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services can help organizations identify and rectify these vulnerabilities.

  • Managed SIEM & Log Management: An intelligent and AI-driven SIEM or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution collect and analyze log data from various sources, providing real-time analysis of security alerts. Managed SIEM ensures that threats are detected and responded to promptly and in real-time.

  • Asset Discovery: Understanding what’s on your network is the first step to securing it. Asset discovery tools can identify software, network components, and APIs, ensuring that every asset is monitored and secured.

  • Email and Web Security: Given that many cyber threats originate from malicious emails or compromised websites, implementing robust email security and web security solutions is crucial.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): With the increasing use of mobile devices for business purposes, MDM solutions ensure that these devices adhere to security policies and are free from threats.

  • Continuous Education: Futurism security experts emphasize the importance of educating employees about cybersecurity best practices, HIPAA compliance, cyber hygiene, and tactics used in social engineering hacks.

  • Partner with Cybersecurity Experts: Engaging with experts like Futurism Technologies ensures that your organization benefits from the latest cybersecurity strategies and tools. Their tailored solutions can address specific challenges and threats faced by businesses.


While cyber threats continue to evolve, adopting a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity can significantly reduce the risk of breaches. Futurism Technologies, with its vast expertise and cutting-edge managed cybersecurity solutions,stands ready to assist organizations in fortifying their digital defenses by helping them deploy the right layers of security architecture.

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