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Did you know?

One in 10 high-severity cyber threats are discovered on mobile devices.

Futurism Unified Endpoint Management solutions and Mobile Device Management solutions help businesses and IT teams spend less time and effort in managing and securing all their mobile and mission-critical endpoints.

Futurism’s Mobile Device Management solutions including Unified Endpoint Management solutions ensure optimum protection against coming-of-age mobile threats with market-leading endpoint threat and mobile device defense technology powered by IBM. Our MDM services engineers and analysts leverage best-of-breed threat intel and work 24/7 to protect all your critical mobile endpoints helping you improve your security posture by leveraging a zero-trust security architecture.


Futurism UEM & MDM Services

Mitigate all the complexities involved in managing and securing your business-critical endpoints and mobile devices with Futurism MDM services and UEM solutions powered by IBM’s advanced threat intelligence.

Powerful security policies

Enforce company security policy across all devices, multiple platforms, and OS versions with our proven mobile device management solutions.

  • Deploy robust policy functions to manage and/or configure devices
  • Enterprise mobile app management policies for corporate mobile apps
  • Customize security policies across groups and individual roles
  • Automate device compliance
  • Geo locate devices and group secure messages
  • Device lock in the event of password compromise
  • Remote password reset for suspected or lost device
  • Wipe or selective wipe of a device (lost device)
  • Restrict applications, software, and features
  • Blacklist, Whitelist, and block installation
  • Block specific mobile features such as camera

Network settings

Our mobile device management solutions enable you to manage and control data, network, and configuration settings for any device in the network.

  • Detect unauthorized Wi-Fi use on a device
  • Restrict Wi-Fi use for select apps
  • Optimize mobile network remotely
  • Mitigate network cost and downtime

Whitelist/Blacklist browser

Futurism mobile device management solutions and UEM services enable you to control the content viewed on browsers of all your managed and connected devices.

  • Auto block phishing apps and sites
  • Auto block malicious websites
  • Restrict malicious content on devices
  • Auto-add suspicious URLs in web filters

Application management

Manage and secure all the apps running on your devices in the network with our MDM services. Monitor suspicious apps in real-time.

  • Secure app distribution, delivery, and management
  • Ensure enterprise-approved mobile apps only
  • Secure app inventory management
  • Secure cloud storage management
  • Secure factory settings for all the apps
  • View, install, disable and uninstall apps remotely
  • App control (whitelist/blacklist)
  • Remote app configuration
  • Restrict 3rd party apps from accessing or viewing distributed documents


Futurism MDM services help to track real-time location, create virtual boundaries, and track the browsing activity/behavior of all your devices. Get alerts when a device enters or exits a geo-fence with powerful mobile device management solutions.

  • Geo fence – limit device use
  • Grant access to desired applications inside the fence
  • Lock devices that are outside the radius
  • Configure settings remotely
  • IP-based real-time device location tracking

Call security and control

Get improved control over individual and group devices with our unified endpoint management solutions. Futurism UEM solutions help you to secure all endpoints and mobile devices including mission-critical corporate apps (calling and messaging) and data.

  • Block specific area codes on mobile devices
  • Block calls/SMS to desired contact numbers
  • Deploy filters for contacts, calls, and apps
  • Create targeted SMS and call filters on specific devices

BYOD security

Futurism unified endpoint management solutions render unmatched BYOD capabilities to not only secure devices and apps on the go, but also offer intelligent and real-time analytics into compromised devices.

  • Manage and secure smartphones, laptops, and desktops
  • Troubleshoot BYOD devices remotely
  • Ensure full device compliance
  • Reset passwords for all BYODs
  • Lock and/or quarantine compromised devices
  • Container-only BYOD management
  • Manage/restrict Bluetooth policies
  • Protect corporate email data
  • Ensure users’ privacy
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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.


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