Unified Endpoint Management/Mobile Device Management

Deliver secure and optimal experiences across all device types with our UEM and MDM services.

Did you know?
One in 10 serious threats are discovered on mobile device with over 45% of organizations reported lack of skills to manage endpoints.

Futurism Unified Endpoint Management and Mobile Device Management solutions help businesses spend less time and efforts to manage and secure all their critical and mobile endpoints.

Futurism’s Unified Endpoint Management solutions including Mobile Device Management solutions ensure protection against the most advanced mobile threats with industry-leading mobile device and endpoint threat and defense technology.


Unified Endpoint Management/Mobile Device ManagementFuturism’s unified endpoint management solutions and MDM services mitigates the complexities involved in securing and managing all your endpoints and mobile devices.

Manage policy change requests through ticketing system

    Enforce company policy across all the enrolled devices, OS versions and multiple platforms with our trusted unified endpoint management solutions.

  • Geo locate a device

  • Group secure message through client portal

  • Device buzz and lock in case of password compromise

  • Remote password reset for lost or suspected device including fingerprint

  • Wipe or selective wipe of device (lost device, or application)

  • Restrict software, applications and features. (groups)

    • Decide what apps are restricted?
    • White list and black list and block installation
    • Block certain features such as camera

Location services

    Futurism MDM services help you track real-time location, track browsing behavior/activity, create virtual boundaries and get alerts when a device exits or enters a geo-fence.

  • Geo fence – restrict device use

  • Allow access to desired apps inside fence

  • Lock device outside radius

  • Configure settings

  • IP-based location tracking of devices

Network settings

    Our MDM services let you to protect and control the various configuration and data settings for any device in your network, be it company-owned or personal device.

  • Detect unauthorized company Wi-Fi use on a device

  • Restrict use of Wi-Fi for apps

  • Optimize your mobile network

  • Reduce network downtime and cost

Control calls and SMS

    Get better control over individual as well as group of devices with our mobile device management solutions. Futurism’s UEM services let you secure all your mobile devices and endpoints including critical business data and apps.

  • Block certain area codes

  • Block SMS/calls to desired numbers

  • Reliable filter function for calls, contacts and apps

  • Created targeted call and SMS filters

Browser restrictions (white list, black list)

    MDM services let you control the content that can be viewed on the browsers of your managed devices.

  • Auto block phishing sites and apps

  • Auto block websites with malicious content

  • Automatic restriction of malicious content

  • Auto add URLs in web content filter

Remote control of the device and BYOD

    Manage and secure laptops, smartphones, desktops and laptops over-the-air (OTA) with our unified endpoint management solutions.

  • Troubleshooting

  • Ensure device compliances

  • User help (including BYOD)

  • Reset passwords for BYOD

  • Lock down devices

  • Container-only management (ideal for BYOD scenarios)

  • Protect corporate email and data without affecting users’ privacy

  • Bluetooth policies – on, off, paring, restrict use, etc.

Manage applications

    Manage and secure apps running on all devices in your network with our MDM services in a seamless way.

  • Seamless app distribution and management

  • Run only enterprise-approved apps on your devices

  • Manage app inventory

  • Cloud storage management

  • Secure factory settings for apps

  • Install, disable, remove and view apps

  • Group install apps

  • App control, whitelist/blacklist

  • Manage and configure business apps

  • Restrict third party apps from accessing distributed documents

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