How Cutting-Edge Automation Radicalized the Key Customer-Facing Processes of a Hospitality Major


Executive Summary

For more than 40 years, the client is striving to offer travelers easy access to a wide range of accommodation options which will suit their preferences of hotels characters. It offers a wide range of services including sales services consortia contracting, specialist services in e-commerce, technology, online distribution, central purchasing for consumable items, seamless connectivity to all major global distribution systems and direct connections to more than 600,000 travel agent terminals worldwide. Boasting the unique collection of the world’s best places to stay, the client now has almost 500 associate properties in more than 125 destinations and 19 countries worldwide.

Client Challenges

  • At the core of our client’s offerings is the provision of a suite of online services that support their member hotels to maximize their performance
  • Though digitalization has widened the opportunities for hotels to broadcast their services, it has also complicated the management of the distribution channels and associated rates
  • Moreover, high-end hotels aren’t generally part of the chain
  • Consequently, our client did not always have access to the systems that are required to distribute and market their hotel in the various existing and new distribution channels. This limitation was taking away the competitive edge from our client
  • Similarly, the client had intricacies of multiple systems which helped them upload their rates and made them available to specific and identified customers or customer groups. Like every other system, they required daily checking and maintenance
  • But the absence of Automated Hotel Audit (AHA) system forced the client to keep closures at a minimum. It negatively hampered their bottom-line

Our Solutions

  • As we analyzed the manual efforts of our client to overview and gain the management information, we proposed the complete automation of processes using RPA BOTs
  • With the right software tools at the disposal, Futurism set up the automated audit process which sent reports to the hotel and client’s account manager as an email attachment
  • In case, audit triggers any problem, both the hotel and the client’s account manager have the required information about the problem
  • Our rollout of audit schedule ensured that the hotels are audited over a 28 day period
  • We created a flexible framework which gave more control to our client. It enabled the client to easily adjust the audit schedule, add new hotels and remove hotels that are no longer part of the community

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 23% reduction in process operating costs
  • No negative impact on existing systems
  • Enabled the client to economically tackle new automation initiatives
  • Helped to create an agile operating environment
  • Reduced pressure on stretched resources

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