Smart Warehousing Solution:
A Dubai Retail Success Story

Smart warehouse

Executive Summary

Discover how a leading Dubai-based FMCG brand transformed its warehousing and inventory management, achieving a staggering 9X sales growth in just one year. This case study explores the integration of Futurism’s Smart Warehouse and Inventory Management solution, powered by IoT, to overcome significant challenges in inventory and supply chain operations.

What’s in it for you?

By partnering with Futurism Technologies, the FMCG brand embarked on a journey to:

  • Implement IoT-Enabled Tracking for inventory visibility
  • Standardize and Automate Inventory Operations
  • Streamline Complex Vendor Management
  • Enhance Order Tracking and Customer Communication
  • Optimize Order Allocation and Fulfillment
  • Improve Logistics and Distribution Efficiency

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Key Takeaways

The adoption of Futurism’s Smart Warehouse solution led to transformative outcomes:

  • Expansion from 3 to 11 warehouses
  • Handling over 40,000 orders per month
  • 9x increase in sales within a year
  • Real-time management of over 119,000 inventory items
  • 50% increase in operational efficiency
  • 30% reduction in logistics costs
  • 45% improvement in on-time delivery performance

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