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Ramp up your warehouse and inventory operations with Futurism Smart Warehouse Management Solution


Reduction in warehouse operating costs

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse Management Solution enables real-time monitoring of warehouse equipment/assets by providing traceability and transparency of all the goods across various warehouse and storage locations. Get insightful analytics into inventory/storage and better visibility into the stock with reduced inventory discrepancies.

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Increase in order accuracy levels

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse and Logistics Management Solution is powered by market-leading and global locating standard (DeepHub – an Omlox middleware), which facilitates real-time tracking and monitoring of warehouse assets with better interoperability, improved workers’ safety and increased visibility into the inventory.


Cost-saving through warehouse automation

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management solution is a next-gen warehouse and logistics management solution designed to automate all those mission-critical and time-consuming inventory operations. Get improved accuracy with efficient fleet management for improved logistics and supply chain management.

Why Futurism Smart Warehouse Solution?

Backed by Best-of-Breed Tech

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse Management Solution is powered by the best-of-breed and global locating standard (DeepHub – an Omlox middleware), which facilitates real-time monitoring and tracking of assets with improved interoperability and better visibility into your inventory.

Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management helps with intelligent storage. This ensures storage optimization and efficient warehouse operation saving both costs and time. Multiple asset tracking options (RFID, Bluetooth Beacons, GPS, UB, LTE, etc.) with geo-fencing.

Future-proof Middleware

Centralized API with interactive and real-time UI for multi-floor monitoring/mapping and much more. Seamless technology and vendor integration. Interoperability of location data from different RTLS providers. Future-proof and retrofit middleware.

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management – Benefits

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management Solution aims to address the various warehouse problems and pain areas including but not limited to redundant processes, poor facility & inventory visibility, inaccurate forecasting, high labor costs, reduced workers’ safety and risks & inaccurate inventory data. Our smart warehouse management solution offers the benefits:

  • Smart warehousing with indoor/outdoor asset tracking
  • Smart asset movement monitoring
  • Smart asset management with improved accuracy
  • Real-time and end-to-end inventory tracking and visibilityduced data discrepancies & redundancies with automation
  • Improved workers’ safety and workforce tracking
  • Improved storage access control, optimization & space utilization
  • Geo-fencing and asset movement alert
  • Reduced warehouse operating costs & risks
  • Full transparency of supply chain and logistics (inbound/outbound)
  • Reduced data discrepancies & redundancies with warehouse automation
  • GPS tracking, AGV navigation & route optimization
  • Forklift resource management
  • Improved operational efficiency & productivity
  • Improved forecasting accuracy
  • End-to-end inventory visibility and tracking
  • Reduced search times for goods
  • Improved order accuracy levels
  • Faster TAT for picking and packaging

Futurism Smart Warehouse Management Solution - Features

Smart Warehouse Management

Next-gen warehouse management solution to automate mission-critical inventory processes. Improved accuracy with efficient fleet management for improved logistics and supply chain management.

  • Manage goods’ journey from quality control to pick-up and storage to retrieval
  • Track inventory location in real-time
  • Manage warehouse operations with least human interference
  • Centralize warehouse operations data
  • Improve stock replenishment, order fulfillment rates and workers’ safety

Smart Storage Area Monitoring

Insightful storage analytics for better visibility. Intuitive storage optimization and efficient operation of warehouse processes to save time and costs.

  • Smart storage monitoring for perishable foods, process chemicals, etc
  • Monitor inventory’s physical condition
  • Automate environment control inside storage area
  • Real-time storage environment monitoring (temperature, air quality, CO2 levels, HVAC systems, etc
  • Maintain storage and regulatory compliances with remote storage monitoring
  • Get notifications for environment parameter breaches

Smart Indoor Asset Tracking

Intelligent warehouse management to organize storage and align freight lots according to location. Storage optimization and efficient warehouse management saving costs and time.

  • End-to-end inventory visibility
  • Real time and mobile asset tracking
  • Optimum storage utilization
  • Simplified pallet tracking
  • Asset visualization
  • Optimized asset/material flow

Smart Outdoor Asset Tracking

Smart outdoor asset tracking of valuable goods, construction equipment, shipments, tools, containers, and more. Efficient outdoor asset monitoring, all from a user-friendly interface.

  • Compatible with all forms of transport containers
  • Multiple tracking options (RFID, Bluetooth Beacons, UB, GPS, LTE, etc.)
  • Automate environment control inside storage area
  • Web-enabled visualization of transport freights
  • Geo-fencing and motion alert
  • Reduced human errors and costs
  • Customized alerts

Smart Warehouse Pallet Monitoring & Tracing

Track log entry of pallets from across the warehouse. Monitor pallet movement at different warehouse locations. Track pallet location in real-time to reduce loss or damage.

  • Monitor pallet movements across the warehouse
  • Automate data entry process of pallets from warehouse
  • Track exact location of misplaced or lost pallets
  • Identify pallets moving in wrong direction or placed in a wrong location
  • Get automated alerts in the event of unusual pallet movements

Next-Gen warehouse management solution powered by best-of-breed and future-proof middleware

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