5 Software Testing Best Practices- 2014

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July 30, 2014 - 1.2K
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5 Software Testing Best Practices- 2014

Software testing is one of the essential practices performed in software engineering. Without proper testing, a new product cannot go out into the market for sale. However, testing is often given less importance as compared to other development processes to meet deadlines. When such situations take place, it is always important to follow certain key practices so that the testing process will be completed, and the finished product will be sold at the requisite quality.  

Best Software Testing Practices for Application Success

Here are the latest software testing practices of 2014 that will help you to achieve the goal of product quality.

• Have Clear Testing Targets: Testing is basically an intention to find problems within a program. Taking this into consideration, you must have clear testing targets to achieve your work goals. Be thorough and test the application for all kind of bugs or errors. Don’t make any assumptions that an application will not have certain bugs.

Divide Your Test Coverage: During testing, it will be easier for you to complete the work if you divide the software into smaller modules. For example, if you are looking at ‘user information acceptance,’ you can divide the modules as functional, UI, and security testing. This will also allow you to log in detailed information about the application, thus providing a clearer picture for improvement.

Don’t Leave Out Performance Testing: This process tends to get left out because the emphasis is usually more on bug finding. Always check the software for its performance, and see whether it is up to the mark.

• Check for Application Disservice: Generally, testers check the program for its basic function. One creative thing to try is to test the application for functions that have not been coded in the software. This will help you to find bugs faster.

• Provide Solutions for Test Results: Many products are marked as ‘fail’ during product testing. Respected testers are those individuals who find a solution to the root problem that is causing the product to ‘fail’.

These simple points can help you to optimize your application testing process to a great extent.

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