No Longer Science Fiction – AI Enables Service Desk Automation

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May 12, 2017 - 6.2K
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No Longer Science Fiction – AI Enables Service Desk Automation

Artificial Intelligence, or AI; applied together with analytics and machine learning, is a disruptive technology thats generating a lot of interest in recent times. AI and machine learning can be applied to automate a number of routine tasks, and deliver a number of benefits as below:

1. Accuracy

2. Repeatability

3. Faster response

4. Improved customer experience

5. Reduced cost

Predictive Analysis can be used to great effect in the telecom industry. A combination of AI and machine learning can help to analyze the failure points and design predictive maintenance plans. Similarly, there is tremendous potential to apply AI to analyze customer churn.
In the manufacturing industry, AI plays a vital role. Self-driven vehicles are being used increasingly to facilitate fresh prospects in different material flow processes. The intelligence offered by these self-driven vehicles helps to achieve precise material handling.
In the service industry, repetitive and routine tasks like code segments, service desk, auto corrections etc. can be automated. A wealth of information that is generated while executing these tasks creates the knowledge base that enables machine learning.
We have worked on an application of AI for Service Desk Automation and are blown away by the results, and the future possibilities. We found that increasingly, Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions providers are facing pressure to improve the customer experience while also reducing costs. We worked on using AI to automate technical help desk activities. We developed a platform that integrates with the service desk, and interfaces through a chatbot with the user. This way, a significant amount of service desk L1 (technical helpdesk) support, review and reporting activities can be automated.
So AI and machine learning together can help Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Service providers to enhance the user experience while also controlling operating costs.

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