Futurism Technologies Inc. to present its Next-Gen E-commerce Platform ‘Dimensions’ at the Ecom World Conference 2021

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June 16, 2021 - 4.2K
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Futurism Technologies Inc. to present its Next-Gen E-commerce Platform ‘Dimensions’ at the Ecom World Conference 2021

A powerful ecommerce business platform powered by AI technology to offer ultra-personalized customer experience.

Futurism Technologies Inc., a trusted DX partner for more than 1000 fortune companies spanning across retail, healthcare, banking, manufacturing etc., is coming to the world’s largest e-commerce event, Ecom World Conference 2021.

Futurism will present ‘Dimensions’, a next-gen business commerce suite at the Ecom World Conference 2021.

Futurism Dimensions vs Others eCommerce Platforms

“Today, managing a business online is not just about putting up a website, as it is all about keeping up with evolving customer expectations, CX advancements, industry trends and providing personalized customer experience. 2020 was a challenging year for every retail business on the face of earth. Many e-commerce companies have redefined customer experience as we see it today. We’ve equipped Dimensions with advanced machine learning and AI and business intelligence modules to help e-commerce businesses offer super-personalized experience to their customers.”

said Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies Inc.

Futurism team will discuss tested tactics and strategies at the Ecom World Conference 2021 to help E-commerce businesses, retailers, merchants and direct-to-consumer brands stay ahead of the curve. Our team will explore these tactics and present success stories from Dimensions customers. At the same time, we’ll touch base on how upcoming e-commerce stores can keep up with their competitors and stay ahead of the pack.

“Futurism with the help of Dimensions aims to help e-commerce businesses achieve their digital goals. As industry leader, Futurism offers its next-gen platform to help create the most powerful e-commerce experience while reducing risks and improving customer satisfaction and security. Unlike most of the open-source e-commerce platforms, Dimensions gives you full control of your e-commerce business. Dimensions makes e-commerce leaner, faster and easier to manage.”

added Mr. Sheetal Pansare

We can help you write that next big ‘retail’ story! Ask our experts how! Come join the Futurism team at the world’s largest Ecommerce event, Ecom World Conference 2021.

The Futurism team will be available both days to take up any questions, conduct virtual workshops and Q&A sessions.

About Futurism Technologies

Futurism Technologies, Inc. helps businesses leverage the power of digital in a cost-efficient manner. With decades of expertise, Futurism has evolved as a trusted DX partner for 1000+ fortune businesses, helping them to unlock the true value of digital. Futurism provides DX services across entire value chain including e-commerce, digital infrastructure, business processes, digital customer engagement, and cybersecurity.​

Learn more about Futurism Technologies, Inc. at www.futurismtechnologies.com

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