The Story of Futurism Technologies’ Head-Turning Outing at GITEX 2019

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October 23, 2019 - 4.2K
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The Story of Futurism Technologies’ Head-Turning Outing at GITEX 2019

There is a reason why GITEX is been wildly considered as the biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia. 100,000 + visitors, 4,500 + exhibitors, and delegates from 140 + countries may substantiate that reason. There is no doubt that such a huge presence of experts and industry leaders, attendees makes it one of the ideal platforms for lifelong networking opportunities. It’s then not surprising that reports suggest that it gives international vendors access to a fast-growing market, projected to reach $168.8 billion by 2020.

However, there is something more to GITEX than these awe-inspiring numbers. Began in 1981, the show has proved itself as one of the most revered and respected launchpads for many known products. Note that at GITEX 2009, Microsoft released Windows 7 amidst the presence of 150,019 people. That streak of innovative launches has continued till date. The world’s first firefighting drone, the first autonomous electric truck, and Microsoft’s AI innovations are some of the incredible technological breakthroughs revealed at GITEX 2018. Even in the recently concluded GITEX 2019, Etisalat unveiled a 5G flying bike.

Clearly, it vehemently solidifies GITEX’s position as the place to peep into the future. And that’s precisely why we decided to unveil some of our finely nurtured and up-to-the-moment offerings at GITEX 2019.

Futurism Technologies at GITEX 2019 –


Starting from the better utilization of data to the downtime minimization, we firmly believe that there is nothing in the business that digitalization cannot achieve. Staying true to it, we have come up with a status-quo breaker ecosystem of “Total digitalization” services. As GITEX is the biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, we thought it as a perfect platform to launch our services with the confidence of becoming a showstopper. Our team, headed by Sheetal Pansare, the global CEO of futurism Technologies, revealed the latest offerings there. Some of them are described below-

1) Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation at Gitex

By digitalizing every iota of your business through cloud technology, analytics, and blockchain, we ensure improved profitability and operational efficiency. We offer trailblazing solutions in-  


● IoT

● Cloud

● Mobility

● Data Science

2) Managed Services

Managed Services

As IT infrastructure’s failure can easily bring all the mission-critical processes to a standstill, it’s the performance hubspot of your organization. We assure you a robust technical ecosystem by solidifying it through-

● Remote Infra Management

● Disaster Recovery

● Cloud Migration

● Data Centre Migration


3) Digital Experience

Digital Experience for user like never before.

If we ask you among 4.39 billion internet users, how many you have reached yet, the answer wouldn’t be satisfactory. We let you increase your customer reach by leveraging the power of digital avenues.

We offer –

● Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

● Project Planning & Specifications

● Enterprise Architecture & Design

● Micro-Services & APIs

● Mobile Experience 

4) Dimensions Ecommerce

Ecommerce Revolution with Dimension

Making better decisions and bringing efficiency in day to day functionalities are key to sustain in ultra-competitive e-commerce domain. By unifying your business—from data to people to processes- we ensure that you will always have that key. We offer-

● Web and Mobile Design

● Data Management and Analytics

● ERP Integration

● SAAS Platforms   

Since most of the offerings were designed by giving keen attention to what actually pains modern business, our offerings found a quick resonance with the audience. The case that we remember the most is of a Nevada based e-commerce platform, which was finding it hard to control and manage its order management. Data management and analytics feature of our Dimensions Ecommerce appeared like the best fit for its pain point. Similarly, companies that are in the phase of expansion gravitated towards the project planning specifications of our Digital Experience offering.

But what really attracted people was the fact that we presented a full-proof system of technical upgradation. With Ecommerce Marketplace, Chatbot, Marketing Analytics, Churn Predictor, ERP, and CRM, our services proved like a one-stop destination for all the attendees who were on the path of digital transformation. The case studies presented by us, which explained in detail how our offerings had helped numerous clients, enabled the attendees to comprehend the actual potential of our offerings. Consequently, attendees thronged our booth.

In a nutshell, GITEX 2019

In a nutshell, GITEX 2019 proved extremely successful for Futurism Technologies with a positive imprint that it left on the minds of all the attendees. We left the conference with immense satisfaction that we were able to capture the imagination of people along with a resolve to come back next year with even more disruptive offerings.

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