Understanding the Advantages of Smart Factory in A Simple Way

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August 31, 2020 - 5.2K
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Understanding the Advantages of Smart Factory in A Simple Way

Smart factory solutions bring a paradigm shift to the manufacturing and production landscapes by creating highly digitalized and automation systems to providing high operational efficiency and connectivity. Such systems bring the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and AR to create a synchronous and integrated ecosystem that connects devices and manufacturing equipment.

The smart factory is the need of the hour as most manufacturing firms are now adopting Industry 4.0 practices to create processes that help cut costs and reduce waste through predictive and preventive policies.

ERP software can give managers and administrators more control to control the production and manufacturing processes to ensure that there is high efficiency. Robotics, AI automation, and other machine technologies can create a seamless environment where the manufacturing processes can efficiently operate and deliver higher profitability.

Advantages of Smart Factory Solution

Increase in Quality with less human interaction leads to less human error

Increase in Quality with less human interaction

With the Smart Factory solutions‘ help, the manufacturers can leverage the capabilities of machine learning and robotics to automate their manufacturing actions to a greater extent. The machines can operate on themselves using production software, and the actions can be programmed.

Robotics and machine learning help the machinery to be Smart and reach an intuitive level where the mechanism can work autonomously. This helps reduce dependency on humans, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors and accidents. Manufacturing units provide a lot of utility and effectiveness in terms of time and money invested.

Reduction in Cost

Reduction in Cost

Smart Factory solutions are instrumental in cutting costs by reducing the wastage and optimal utilization of the resources. The principal objective of any organization is to correct the system’s inefficiencies and streamline the processes to bring maximum productivity. The digital modes are prudent, real-time, and extremely intelligent to predict maintenance, replacement, and scheduled shutdowns to reduce wastage.

When the production, manufacturing, and transportation processes are automated using digital solutions, real-time communication happens, reducing overall costs. The costs are cut by a reduction in wastage and an increase in profit.

Reduction in Production Time

The equation is extremely straightforward; the production time directly impacts the cost involved in production and manufacturing.

The Smart Factory solutions derive the power from integrated technologies and advanced digital systems through which they control, manage, and streamline the processes. AI makes the machines intelligent. Robotics Process Automation brings a lot of capability to the tools to work without human intervention. The BI helps to derive conclusive ideas from the manufacturing data. The production efficiency is increased multifold as the production time is reduced substantially as the production batches.

When the production times are reduced, the costs are cut, response times are reduced, data is readily available to decision-makers.

Highly Efficiency with Well Defined Smart Factory Processes

Highly Efficiency with Well Defined Smart Factory Processes

Smart Factories have provided unexpected customization opportunities for production and also promote higher collaboration within departments to introduce new operating models. There are a lot of benefits such as,

  • Connected systems: These systems provide connected processes, material, and data integration to offer real-time and highly data-driven decisions and planning.
  • Optimized Solutions: The data-driven and strategic processes help to create highly autonomous systems that maximize reliability and reduce human intervention.
  • Transparent Processes provide real-time tools and data points to bring clarity and higher visibility to all the stakeholders.
  • On-Time Activities: With the help of smart and intuitive systems, the machines can be intuitive and offer real-time safety and operational efficiency.
  • Agility: The systems become highly versatile, adaptable, and flexible to work cohesively with other elements.

One of the key points to note here that smart factories work mostly on data-driven insights and the software solutions use high-end technologies to create valuable and informed decisions based on the data inference. The decision-makers can make well informed and timely decisions encapsulating all the factors.

Smart Factory Solutions can be highly conducive and beneficial for the firms; however, without the right implementation, the digital transformation of an SME can fail to deliver expected results.

Futurism Technologies can help you kickstart your Smart Factory journey by providing end to end services powered by its expertise and proven track record.

An expert and prudent approach is required to plan and deliver the smart factory implementation by understanding the business and nature of any business.

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