What is IoT? A Brief Introduction

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December 7, 2022 - 5.2K
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What is IoT? A Brief Introduction

The Internet of Things or IoT as it is fondly referred is a network of interconnected devices as well as the technology that enables connection between them.

In a world full of sophisticated industrial tools where billions of devices are connected and changing the way we do business, the capabilities of IoT have seen significant advancements. The future of IoT looks quite fascinating. In fact, by 2030, there will be over 24 billion IoT devices in use. We anticipate that advancements in 5G, AI, and advanced analytics will raise the bar.

IoT is serving as an enabler for enhanced customer experiences and streamlined business processes, it is transforming our world, changing the way we communicate, changing the way we do business and more.

Good thing is that businesses now have the chance to utilize IoT to gain a competitive edge and improve customer experiences with the push in the race to digitization. In fact, the advantages of hiring an IoT solutions company can extend beyond that.

How does IoT work?

Connected to an Internet of Things platform, which combines data from many devices and applies analytics to share the most useful information with applications created to answer particular needs, are gadgets and objects having built-in sensors. Powered by robust IoT consulting solutions can precisely identify which information is helpful and which may be safely disregarded. This data can be used to identify trends, generate recommendations, and identify potential issues before they arise. As an instance to know where IoT is implemented, if you look at the safety industry, we have child and pet finder tool, which is very useful in finding the exact location of your loved ones in real-time on your smartphone.

How Futurism as an IoT Solutions Company can help Transform Businesses?

We live in a digital-first age, where almost every device is connected to each other. Mobile being the most prevalent example of that. It tracks real time location, our interests, our buying interests, and more. Another example can be of smartwatches that track our footsteps and heartbeats.

Futurism’s IoT solutions have been designed to make lives easier for businesses, employees as well as end-users. Read more about our IoT solutions company and its solutions below:

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

IoT applications can help you manage your inventory quite intelligently. Using IoT to monitor supply chain assets might be a great way to find lost or stolen items. You can manage and streamline inventory with the help of an IoT-powered smart warehouse management solution. For instance, Amazon boosts the amounts of packages it can ship by using IoT and Wi-Fi powered robots to read the QR codes on products and monitor orders.

Data Sharing

Almost all business processes rely on the collection and transfer of data, and the advent of IoT has completely changed how data is processed. In addition to giving users more access to their data, IoT applications can monitor their connection habits. By learning from the patterns, the program becomes smarter and offers a better user experience. Our IoT consulting solutions support businesses in simultaneously analyzing such data for business growth. Research on customer demands, the buying cycle, the possibility for advancements and inventions, and marketing and advertising tactics can all be done using the data.

Effective Market Strategizing

Due to their capability to acquire, process, visualize, and react to enormous amounts and variety of data, businesses may create strategies to meet customer expectations. Thanks to connected devices, they are acquiring a comprehensive understanding of their customers’ preferences, and they are leveraging this knowledge to develop and deploy targeted marketing campaigns. It also helps with customer base segmentation, the development of specialized offers, and enhancing the user experience.

Driving Real-Time Insights

Businesses are being revolutionized by real-time data from processes, devices, and people via sensors. ; Being able to see what is actually happening can be a game-changer. Systems and smart cameras are connected through the Internet of Things, enabling them to cooperate. By doing this, business leaders and analysts can develop novel business models and revenue streams.

Accessibility, Efficiency and Productivity

Today, online customers always desire rapid deliveries above all else. To ensure faster order delivery, a majority of business partners, including suppliers and logistics service providers use IoT technology solutions. Your company’s productivity can be raised with better knowledge of the market and its customers. Along with orchestrating considerable automation, IoT may also provide a real-time answer on operational efficiency.

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Improve Customer Experience

IoT is being used by many businesses today, whether they are big or little, and it has unquestionably altered people’s perceptions by giving the customer service staff better tools for tracking client issues and assisting in quickly addressing and resolving them. Additionally, the widespread use of AI-powered chatbots places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and provides business owners with a singular window into the lives of their clients.

Better Decision Making

The priceless data supply that IoT can offer businesses is one of its greatest advantages. When making crucial decisions, businesses and entrepreneurs are no longer required to rely on instinct or educated estimates. Retail brands, for instance, can now fully comprehend a consumer’s experience with their product and determine whether any product alterations are required. This makes it possible for them to take judgments more quickly and accurately.


IoT is reimagining the world around us. With Futurism IoT consulting solutions, businesses can unlock the true potential of IoT in a cost-iterative manner. As the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent, businesses ought to get their heads into it to derive data-driven insights, improve productivity and efficiency, create new revenue streams and business models and stay ahead of the curve.

To see how IoT can work wonders for your business, get in touch with our IoT expert here.

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