Futurism to address the Biggest Security Challenges At RSA Conference 2022

As cybercriminals continue to use sophisticated attack tactics to get at your data combined with the rapidly amplifying network of mobile, IoT and connected remote devices, the need for certified security skills was never this evident. To prevent coming-of-age attacks, organizations need a robust security strategy to safeguard data, users, and devices across the entire threat landscape.

Futurism’s Managed Security Acceleration Services (Zero Trust Framework) enables businesses to fortify their security infrastructure by helping them adopt a Zero Trust Maturity Model by eliminating implicit trust. Irrespective of the user, user location, access method and situation, security takes a center stage with Futurism’s Zero Trust Security.

Our security experts will be more than happy to answer all your queries on our following offerings:

  • Futurism Eagle Eye (SIEM)
  • Futurism EndPoint Secure
  • Futurism Secure-Access
  • Futurism Data-Protect

Reasons You Should Attend RSA Conference 2022

World’s leading cybersecurity event that attracts over 50,000 attendees

Sponsored by industry leaders like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and others

Attracts major enterprises from across the globe from all major industry verticals

A hub to learn about the latest technology, insights and pressing trends in cybersecurity

Futurism Eagle Eye (IBM QRadar SIEM)

Advanced threat protection service powered by IBM QRadar (SIEM) and IBM Watson AI. Eagle Eye offers the right layers of security skills/resources to provide up-to-the-minute protection from advanced threats including Ransomware and multi-prong attacks. Zero Trust Security Framework to fortify your security and IT posture using IBM QRadar and IBM Watson AI and X-Force.

Futurism EndPoint Secure (IBM MaaS360)

Fully managed endpoint security and MDM service powered by IBM MaaS360. EndPoint Secure leverages a Zero Trust Security Model using IBM MaaS360 to help you manage security threats and endpoint policies for all your critical endpoints including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, wearables and connected (IoT) devices to offer better visibility and control over devices and data.

Futurism Secure-Access (IBM Verify Access)

Managed Identity & Access Management (IAM) services powered by IBM Verify Access. Secure-Access is designed to help organizations adopt ‘identity’ as the heart of a Zero Trust Security approach. It offers a modular and intelligent (AI-driven) IAM approach to help you decide who will access what through powerful risk-based authentication and AI-driven access policies.

Futurism Data-Protect (IBM Guardium)

Fully managed database protection and monitoring service powered by IBM Guardium. Comprehensive data protection and monitoring for mission-critical enterprise data and assets using a Zero Trust model. Powerful and centralized database monitoring services to identify, track, and monitor unauthorized access, data theft, etc. across the entire enterprise data landscape.

Zero Trust Maturity & Governance

Managed Security Acceleration Services to help businesses ramp up their Zero Trust journey by defining a well-integrated and enterprise-wide Zero Trust Maturity Model. Identify and assess current security gaps against IBM Security’s Zero Trust governance model and align priorities while addressing your organization’s unique security risks and necessary compliances.

Best-of-Breed Security Resources

Unsure about how to start your Zero Trust journey or needs help to mature existing security capabilities? Our cybersecurity experts can help to apply Zero Trust to the most relevant and apt use-case scenarios. Our security professionals can also help align a zero trust strategy to existing security frameworks like NIST, Cloud Security Alliance Capability Maturity Model, and more.

About Futurism Technologies

Futurism Technologies is a leading and trusted IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping enterprises across various industry verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and others to adopt market-leading security technology with its Zero Trust Security Services that comprise of proprietary and licensing cybersecurity solutions powered by IBM Threat Intelligence. We offer Security Advisory, Consulting, Integration & ’24 x 7′ Managed Security Acceleration Services globally through our well-equipped SOC centers located in the U.S., UAE & India.

Connect with our world-class cybersecurity ninjas at RSA Conference 2022 to understand how we help enterprises stay ahead of the threats with our Zero Trust Security Services.

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