Disaster Recovery Management

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Disaster Recovery Management Process

Hardware is replaceable, but the efficiency that you lose while the system shuts down is not. With hybrid IT becoming the norm for most organizations today, most production environments now are a blend of in-house and external data centers, public and private clouds, and siloed legacy systems – creating multiple points of potential failure. Consequently, companies are finding it harder to maintain continuity for everyday operations and to recover quickly if disaster strikes. And considering that a few seconds of downtime directly means lost revenue, dissatisfied customers and missed opportunities, disaster management needs a proactive approach. The traditional way, which is more of reactive mode, is helpful only for static and centralized data. That’s precisely why we have come up with services to give you end-to-end capabilities for hybrid IT, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud, seamless operational IT resiliency, and time-bound cost-effective recovery. With these On-Demand Services, we equip you with the security without having to set up your own, in-house IT disaster recovery plan and the DR facility to support it. Apart from saving the huge Capex outlay associated with developing such a facility, our pay-per-use plan ensures the strength of your bottom line.


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Disaster Recovery Planning

    Owing to the complexity of IT disaster recovery process, it does not happen overnight. Having a structured approach in strategic planning is necessary to ensure that the principles of incident prevention, detection, response, recovery, and restoration are in check. Eventually, it will let you decide what you should do in the face of a disaster. Considering this, we have designed the following offerings:

  • A disaster recovery policy statement

  • Overview of main goals of the plan

  • A visual representation of the entire network and recovery site

  • Ready-to-use forms to help complete the plan

  • Sample templates for a variety of technology recoveries

Recovery Management

    Disaster recovery shouldn't be managed as a standalone work effort. It should be woven into the ever-changing fabric of IT availability. With the help of experts, we can develop your recovery plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure synchronization with changes in your production environment. We provide:

  • Complete Recovery Readiness with the help of a dedicated Technical Service Delivery Manager

  • Application recovery at any point in time

  • Ranking your applications and data according to business criticality

Cloud Based Recovery

    With 10+ years of experience, we have realized that organizations can’t always afford the set-up and maintenance costs of a standby recovery site. That’s one of the major reasons why we are providing cloud-based disaster recovery as it costs significantly less than traditional replication solutions. This is a fully-managed recovery solution for your IT environments on a secure, enterprise-class platform – whether our own or third-party. The solution includes:

  • Protecting data by moving it to a recovery center

  • Delivering a fully working copy of your environment in a ready-to-use state

  • Recovering your environment by connecting your data to your back-up infrastructure

  • A customizable recovery lifecycle approach

  • Image based backups that can be instantly virtualized

Business Continuity Management

    When you have to sync thousands of changes to recovery scripts with the shortage of required experts, it’s hard to maintain business as usual amidst disruptions. We overcome this struggle of yours of applying time and resources by using proven methodologies to assess your current business continuity state. Our offerings include:

  • Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Training and Exercises

  • Preparing you for an upcoming audit

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