6 Essential and Actionable Holiday Marketing Tips

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November 27, 2019 - 5.2K
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6 Essential and Actionable Holiday Marketing Tips

According to Statista, the total value of all the US sales made by e-commerce businesses during the 2018 holiday season was $123 billion. Yes. You read it right. $123 billion. That’s 18% higher than the nominal GDP of Ecuador. Clearly and undoubtedly, holiday season is the biggest gold mine for retailers and etailers. However, owning a lion’s share of that gold mine is as fraught as a Herculean task. This is particularly true when you observe that in the dominance of bigwigs like Amazon and Walmart, how hard it is for small and mid-size retailers/etailers to survive. The only way out for them is to reach out to maximum customers by improving their brand visibility, which is impossible without a strong marketing strategy. That’s precisely why we have come up with 6 essential holiday marketing tips to ensure you the fired-up sales funnel in this holiday season.

1) Focus On Audience List Building

The holiday season is a time to generate sales, not to create brand awareness. The latte should have been done earlier. The best way to begin the process of holiday marketing is to prepare an elaborated list of your audiences. As a result of this, you will be ready with the pools of relevant users who have already revealed an interest in your business.

Facebook Marketing
Some of the options you can try

Assume that you are planning to use the holiday season to promote a big discount on your flagship phones. One month before the actual sale starts, you can think about running a video views campaign in which you share various features of your phones. Similarly, you can also form a lead generation campaign to target users who have shown interest in your email newsletter. In both cases, you are equipping yourself with the pools of engaged prospects who may positively respond to your holiday marketing efforts.

2) Closely Check Your Email Sequences:

Email Sequences

It’s a mistake to approach holiday marketing in a vacuum. Note that the most effective retail marketing in the holiday season is that which sparks loyalty and conversions throughout the following year. And as we all know, it begins with a welcome sequence.

Generally, there is a spike in the subscription list during the holiday season. This opens up new opportunities for you to solidify a strong relationship with customers and establish a personalized form of communication. It, thus, becomes vitally important to double-check your initial trigger email and overall sequence. Keep in mind that some of the biggest sales take place during the holidays.

Also, don’t ignore your cart emails. By emphasizing the holiday theme through live content, you can highlight the deals. By strategic use of dynamic content and high-impact copy, you can use emails to attract more visitors to your website.

Finally, stop non-essential emails requesting for ratings and reviews to keep subscribers focused on holiday shopping. With so much crowd in the inbox, it’s time to cut the noise and hone in on sales.

3) Draw More Clicks with Merchant Promotions:

By adding special offers like discounted prices, free gifts, and shipping benefits through Merchant Promotions, Google Shopping advertisers can make their Shopping ads more persuasive.  You can start creating promotions once you’ve submitted a product data in Google Merchant Center and it has received a thumbs up.

Example of Google Merchant Center

From the perspective of holiday marketing, there are two ways of making use of Merchant Promotions. You can use the promotions tool or upload designated promotions feed. The former allows you to create specific offers for distinct products, while the latter enables you to upload a high volume of promotions at one time.

4) Use Text Ad Customizers to Boost the Urgency:

Text Ad Customizers

In case you are running standard search campaigns, you can automatically optimize your ad copy in real-time depending upon query, location, device, time of day, or day of the week with text ad customizers. After uploading an ad customizer data file to your Google Ads account, you can customize your holiday marketing message to create the most attractive ads.

Though ad customizers are good in optimizing messages, they can be used more efficiently in the holiday season. To promote your extended Black Friday sale, you can use an ad customizer to tell shoppers how much time is left – only to boost the urgency. If someone is shopping during the night of Thanksgiving and sees “Only 24 Hours Left!” in your headline, he automatically gets into the psychological shell of fear of missing out. One that sets in the psyche of customers, conversions are not too far. 

5) Run a Poll:

As fun and thrill form the inherent nature of polls, they are the prime drivers of festive-tinted engagement during the holiday season. Facebook’s rolling out of official polls for Newsfeed in 2017 suggests the kind of following the concept of polls can have in holiday marketing. And its implementation doesn’t have to be quasi- space science. It can be as simple as asking people to share their memories with your products or comparing two products against each other. 

The best thing about polls is there is no limit to how long they will stay open. Naturally, they make your holiday options endless.

6) Win Organic Search by Generating Gift-Specific Pages:   

Organic Search by Generating
Interest in “gifts for mom” throughout the year

As per the Google Trends, the search queries “gifts for mom” and “gifts for dad” top in the middle of December. Gifts for her” and “gifts for him” also peak around this time, though not to the extent that they do during the first two weeks of February. Despite this evidences, note that holiday shoppers don’t always land on Google with a specific product or brand in mind. Most of them have a vague idea about the gifts that they would like to give to their loved ones. 

If you look at it through the SEO perspective, it’s a huge opportunity for holiday marketing. But only those who are well-prepared for this will capture it. You can steadily improve your ranking in the organic search results and thereby get your products in front of more shoppers by creating new, dedicated webpages that are optimized for keywords like “gifts for mom” and “gifts for him.” 

This is extremely important for your sales funnel. Understand that when search query activates both paid and organic results, the user is more likely to see the organic result. The main reason is organic results come in front of customers as natural propagation of the product – as opposed to the paid results that exude commerciality. Clearly, you will see more click-through rates, which are the usual precursor to the final conversion. 

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