Adopting Cloud Technology to Help Your eCommerce Business Scale and Handle Global Expansion

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September 9, 2016 - 2.2K
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Adopting Cloud Technology to Help Your eCommerce Business Scale and Handle Global Expansion

Advances in the cloud over the past few years and innovative analytics platforms; now make it possible to run an enterprise-class eCommerce platform out of a cloud. A cloud-based e-commerce platform helps meet; business agility, fuels global expansion and can handle the challenge of scalability.

While there are definitive benefits to adopting cloud for your online store and make it part of your business strategy, there are multiple considerations in order to make this as a successful transition:

• Geography dependent connections
Many existing systems in the current landscape have built with assumptions that the programs will interact with multiple applications to fulfill particular order (Ex. Warehouse Management Software, or Distribution Management System) . Moving one component to the cloud may break many others in the process.

• Data traffic between applications and integration
Moving part of an application to the cloud can increase bandwidth costs. When applications are on the same local network, bandwidth is cheap and plentiful, but when the same requests have to be made over an internet connection, costs canard up.

• Multiple Cloud Integration
Best of Breed approaches will result in having multiple cloud providers, and this increases the touch points and integration complexity. So, a detailed analysis should be carried out before adopting a particular cloud platform.

• The end‐user experience
Great progress has been made recently in federating internal and external user profiles, directories security and reducing multiple logins and password, but it can’t be taken as a given and is rarely straight out of the box.

However, there are some interesting industry trends and according to some research the data shows that moving e-commerce (and its supporting ecosystem) to the cloud is the road to future agility, innovation, cost management and service differentiation. However here are 4 mistakes to avoid when moving your e-commerce ecosystem to the cloud.

• Customization: Think through your branding and site experience as part of the evaluation

• Having wrong partner: Have a multi-year road-map and talk it through with multiple partners

• Considering complete ecosystem E-commerce doesn’t operate in a vacuum

• Not having a growth plan: Define Vision and work backwards.

How Futurism Technologies can help you?

Evaluate Cloud readiness of the eCommerce platform.

Analyze the impact of omni-channel retailing on existing IT platform architecture and deployment architecture.

Building an auto-scaling solution that can quickly add or subtract hardware in response to real-time traffic. Giving scalability.

Creating a hybrid solution or deploy your entire platform in the cloud; while still supporting applications from the Private Cloud.

Application and deployment architecture transformation for “cloud ready” through legacy eCommerce platforms.

Help to build a PaaS platform for eCommerce, including content delivery networks and global site Load balancing services.

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