What are the Hurdles that Keep Companies Away From IT Managed Services?

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December 28, 2016 - 2.2K
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What are the Hurdles that Keep Companies Away From IT Managed Services?

The old methods for achieving success in a business are often compared with building a house. You begin with a firm foundation prior to adding the roof, walls, floors, and giving the finishing touches. The process of assessment and development is unending. This process includes everything from training employees and employing the modern technologies, to carrying out SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, as well as targeting new markets. This post will discuss some of the major hurdles, which keep companies away from IT managed services.

Hurdles in IT Managed Services:

Following are some of the major hurdles that keep companies away from turning to IT managed services:

1. Confusion of Roles: This hurdle is faced by most of the medium and large companies. The companies, which keep their IT resources on site, often fear that if the roles and responsibilities are not well defined, then it can reduce the roles of some managers. The use of managed services should never risk these aspects for success. The division of responsibilities must be made clear for an effective transition to IT managed services.

2. Fear of Unavailability of an Expert on Hand to Help Users: To start with, IT managed services are not limited to a single call center line you use when your Internet service is not working. It is a thorough and autonomous service, which allows access to a network of experts at all times when you need help. Actually, the feeling of insecurity, which is linked to the absence of an IT expert is more often psychological rather than real.

3. Fear of Wrong Time: While implementing IT managed services, there is a significant change within a company along with the fear whether the transition is at the wrong time, and this fear is quite genuine. Nonetheless, you can overcome this fear by identifying the conditions that favor the execution of managed services in your business. These ideal conditions may identify when changes associated with the structure or corporate IT environment can
take place:

• A New IT Infrastructure

• A Voluntary Departure, Dismissal or Retirement

• A Major Restructuring

• An Acquisition or Business Expansion

You can never get the right timing for a change completely. However, by identifying the best times to change to managed services, it will help you to eliminate any concerns that you may have.

4. Fear to Lose Control: Usually, this fear is within the IT team of an organization. Hence, it is always recommended to examine the option of outsourcing IT either with the financial director of the company or stakeholders who consider the objectives of business development and growth. By this, you can avoid an unending and pointless struggle depending upon individual skills. There is no doubt about the possibility that your IT team might have all the attributes that are required for proper operation of the IT environment. As a matter of fact, managed services strive to set free IT resources from tasks without added value, so that they can invest completely into major projects for the growth of the company. With this, you can return to the basics and concentrate on your main expertise.


Even if a managed services business is prospering, or is faced with major obstacles, the business must transform and adjust itself to meet the shifting requirements of its customers. Developments in the technology may help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in this process. But, most of the business operations factors need proficiency that several vendors cannot offer. Those who have overcome parallel challenges are well prepared to assist their peers, and dodge common difficulties and take benefit of the opportunities that take place in the business. They can share best practices and work together on innovative solutions. They can also work as a sounding board when the management team is confronted with most important organizational decisions.

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