IMS Vendor Selection: Things to Consider Before Finalizing Vendor

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May 2, 2019 - 6.2K
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IMS Vendor Selection: Things to Consider Before Finalizing Vendor
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The inevitable role that IT infrastructure plays in boosting operational agility has forced businesses to proactively ensure the reliability of IT services. Consequently, it has brought a fundamental change in their approach to IT infrastructure management. And that’s where IMS vendor selection acquires the paramount importance. However, despite the mushrooming of IT Infrastructure vendors in the market, many businesses are still struggling to select a platform that can meet their IT and business needs.  At the kernel of this struggle lies the inability of vendors to offer deep monitoring functionality within a single, unified view of architecture. 

With 10+ years of ground-zero experience, we exactly know what the vendor should be offering and how the relationship between the vendor and the end user should take shape. Banking on these strong knowhows, the article tries to establish the key criteria for IMS vendor selection that vendors should meet to deserve to be locked in a contract with you.

1. Ability to Support Straightforward Deployment and Ongoing Management Process:

Crumbling under the ever-increasing demands of modern IT setups, businesses now wish for a solution that can be configured without customizations. But most of the infrastructure management platforms demand greater and deeper customer engagement, including custom script development, for better management of the IT environment. However, these customizations can further complicate the ongoing management problems by adding cost and complexity to your infrastructure management strategy. Note that custom scripting needs you to have staff which is trained in creating scripts as the need arises. Also, custom scripts are bound to create issues later on, especially when the company decides to upgrade its software to newer versions. 

How Futurism Technology Meets This Criterion of IMS Vendor Selection:

A – Easy Deployment: 

Futurism implements a simplified installation and deployment process with a step-by-step visual guide to ensure that your monitoring environments are configured properly.

B – Supportive of Ongoing Management:

More than customization, we believe in the configuration. This puts us in a perfect position to support an agile platform that configures monitoring and management operations without needing to develop custom scripts. In addition, custom coding and scripts impact the company’s ability to easily upgrade to newer offered versions.

C – Rapid Application Deployment: 

We infuse new blood in agile operations with out-of-the-box monitoring with over 140 technologies, such as Docker, CloudStack, Cassandra, JBoss, OpenStack, & more.

2. Having a Unified View of Your IT Environment: 

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, your vendor should be able to support a single, unified view of your IT environment. 

How Futurism Technology Meets This Criterion of IMS Vendor Selection:

A – Dashboards and Reporting:

Futurism Technologies brings a single view of your IT environment by dynamically “drilling-down” interactive dashboards and custom views. It ensures the visibility of all IT systems, networks, and services important to the organization.

B – Streamlining of Infrastructure Management Tools:

We systematize your administration and support the delivery of new services by streamlining your infrastructure management tools.

3. Analytics and Not Just Reporting:

Though it’s subtle, the difference between operational reporting and analytics is significant. Reports merely tell you the facts, while analytics let you perform rapid root-cause resolution and proactive identification of potential performance hotspots.

How Futurism Technology Meets This Criterion of IMS Vendor Selection:

A – Radical Analytics:

With granular details, we proactively identify the following potential performance issues:

1. Health Index Report: It rapidly identifies underperforming IT assets, the aging performance of a specific component or group of assets

2. Detailed Reports: We provide time-series data for a network component or device along with multiple variables to pinpoint underachieving components

3.Precautionary Reports: They showcase the number of days before an infrastructure element reaches a threshold violation

D) Ability to Support Deep Infrastructure Management Capabilities:

For the optimum utilization of physical network, virtual/cloud network, applications, and databases, vendor’s platform should be able to support deep monitoring capabilities.

How Futurism Technology Meets This Criterion of IMS Vendor Selection:

1 – Ensured Support For Modern Technologies:

We support Amazon Web Services, Apache Hadoop, Cisco UCS & network devices, NetFlow, Citrix XenApp, XenServer & XenDesktop, Linux servers, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows servers, Oracle databases,, and VMware.

2 – Network and Bandwidth Analysis:

We measure the network efficiency by providing details about application consumption on the network through a streamlined workflow.

3 – Big Data Monitoring:

We ceaselessly monitor the performance of traditional IT infrastructure along with big data such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB through a single, unified architecture.

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