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Democratize your Data with Best-of-Breed Knowledge Virtualization Services

With knowledge virtualization, you can transform available data into the preferred or needed form for intelligent analytics and reporting. At Futurism, we extend Knowledge Virtualization service in several application areas including master data management, service-oriented architectures, business intelligence, and Internet-based applications. Whether you are managing large volumes of data, scaling out an enterprise application, or harnessing large amounts of computational power, we at Futurism can help you extract valuable insights and knowledge from data and create AI-powered and intelligent advisory systems, virtual assistants, and more.

Our Knowledge Virtualization service is vital in streamlining Digital Asset Management and Content Moderation processes. It transforms raw data into structured, accessible formats, making it easier to manage and utilize digital assets effectively. This enables organizations to keep their digital content organized, searchable, and up-to-date, ensuring quick access and optimal use of information resources. Additionally, in the context of Content Moderation, it aids in identifying and filtering inappropriate or irrelevant content, maintaining the integrity and relevance of the digital space. Overall, Knowledge Virtualization enhances the efficiency and efficacy of managing digital content and assets.

Industry Applications


EMR and EHR have become an integral part of the healthcare system. Patients today prefer self-service from healthcare providers and wearables have become part of everyone’s life.All this is leading to the creation of more heterogeneous data than ever and in a variety of sources and formats.


Financial services firms these days must act fast to identify fraudulent and non-compliance transactions. A real-time view of customers, transactional insights, credit scores, and personal data – all from many sources needs to be centralized to get a holistic view of customers.


Machines today generate most of the data in the world. With the latest technologies like IoT, Cloud computing, machine learning, and big data, the manufacturing industry is poised for more process efficiencies. The sensors from the equipment/machines today generate a large amount of data...


Retail business is changing with each passing day. Retail businesses are trying to understand customers effectively to offer more personalized products/services. Big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, social media analytics, and real-time insights are among the few investments by retailers.


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