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Visual Computing

The pace with which the world is approaching progressively towards technical innovations, AI being one of the most high demand technology, has already taken over the global market and is helping businesses to improve efficiency. The introduction of computer vision in AI is the next big thing in the world of artificial intelligence. Systems with this technology enabled offer a huge range of features from predictive maintenance to onsite safety and more.

Our technology is pivotal for AI Video Surveillance, AI Facial and Voice Recognition, offering robust security solutions. Our Visual Computing technology plays a crucial role in enhancing security measures through AI Video Surveillance and AI Facial & Voice Recognition systems. These advanced solutions leverage state-of-the-art AI algorithms to interpret and analyze visual and audio data in real time. AI Video Surveillance goes beyond traditional monitoring by identifying unusual activities or potential threats automatically. Similarly, our AI Facial & Voice Recognition technology offers precise identification capabilities, essential for access control and verification processes.

How Futurism helps you to leverage Visual Computing?

Futurism helps businesses leverage visual computing in various ways to enhance their operations, improve customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge. By providing cutting-edge visual computing services, Futurism enables organizations to harness the power of advanced visualization techniques, computer graphics, and image processing.

Industry Applications

Healthcare AI

Train ML models to detect cancer moles in skin images or finding symptoms in MRI scans or patient's x-ray.

Facial Recognition

Train ML models to identify images of people based on facial features & compare them with a database of facial profiles to detect & tag people.

Augmented Reality

Detect plane surfaces such as walls, tabletops, and floors - a very critical part in establishing depth & dimensions and placing virtual objects in the physical world.

Self- Driving Car

Multiple cameras capture videos from a different angle to identify the boundaries of traffic signals, roads, cars, objects, and pedestrians nearby to train the self-driving cars to auto steer the vehicle and avoid hitting obstacles while driving the passenger safely.

Retail / eCommerce

With computer vision in retail, the applications can offer personalized recommendations based on customers buying patterns & speed up business operations like shelf management, payments etc.

Geospatial Applications

Annotation of satellite images & UAV photography to prepare datasets for geoprocessing, and annotate 3D point cloud for Geo AI.


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