6 Compelling Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Invest in Digital Marketing

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March 24, 2022 - 5.2K
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6 Compelling Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Invest in Digital Marketing

COVID-19 pandemic propelled the healthcare industry to go digital, telehealth being one of them. Hospitals today ought to be digital-friendly to provide improved patient and care experience.

As the world moves quickly towards the digital-first economy, communication is witnessing a massive transformation changing the way businesses interact with their customers and healthcare organizations are no exception.

Digital transformation in healthcare is all about embracing coming-of-age technologies to improve care delivery and patient experience. However, when it comes to marketing, the healthcare sector tends to lag behind others. Nevertheless, reaching as well as engaging with today’s tech-savvy physicians and patients means digital marketing is no longer an optional thing, but a necessity.

Understanding Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare

Some amazing statistics:

  • One in every three adults in the U.S. has used the Internet to research for some or the other medical condition in the past year.
  • Nearly half of all Internet users look for information about doctors and caregivers online.
  • Almost 40% of all Internet users look for information on hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Why Digital Marketing for Healthcare Sector?

Here’s digital marketing for healthcare providers matters now more than ever:

1. Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing for healthcare enables to target specific people based on demographics, location (local or national), and more. It also allows reaching a global audience without spending a bomb.

In addition to attracting new patients, digital marketing helps with tracking and analytics of marketing campaigns at the click of a button. Hospitals can get a 360-degree view of their marketing spend and campaign performance.

2. Flexible Marketing

Digital marketing in healthcare gives freedom to change messages quickly, respond to patients’ questions and concerns in real-time, and more. For example, a hospital can deploy an AI-powered chatbot on its website to answer basic queries of patients thus, reducing waiting time. It can also act as a symptom checker.  

3. Cost-effective Marketing

Digital marketing can be extremely cost-effective allowing a hospital to reach a large number of people, at the right time, with the right messages at the click of a button and without bombing its budget. Eureka! Faster ROI.

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4. Online Reputation Management

Digital marketing facilitates direct communication between a healthcare provider and its patients. Telehealth is an excellent way to address patients on the go. Further, online reputation management (ORM) can help a hospital track, manage and monitor patient reviews in real-time.

5. Improve Brand Loyalty

Utilizing digital marketing tactics like social media marketing, blog posting, and search engine optimization (SEO), healthcare organizations can make themselves more findable to potential patients. Using digital marketing to create awareness, share information and educate the masses is one way through which a healthcare provider can earn customer trust.

6. Improve Patient Experience

According to a Biz Report, PPC accounts for 70% of all appointments made across hospitals in the U.S. In addition, more than 40% of search engine users prefer to visit a hospital that allows online consultation.

Patients’ ability to communicate directly is a major influence in their decision to choose a particular health care center.

According to Search Engine Watch, a hospital website with telehealth or online consultation option has a high conversion rate.


Digital marketing for healthcare offers limitless opportunities for healthcare practitioners and providers to reach their target audience, deliver better care, educate patients, spotlight physicians, and more.

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