Futurism Technologies: An Inclusive Workplace for Employees’ Growth

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September 4, 2015 - 3.2K
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Futurism Technologies: An Inclusive Workplace for Employees’ Growth

Futurism Technologies is a leading next-generation IT Solutions and Services MNC. With over a decade of experience, the company has raised the standards for the IT industry to all-new heights by providing a cutting edge service portfolio that includes business consulting, information technology, technology infrastructure, and digital marketing for businesses worldwide. Rated as CMMi Level-3 by Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV SUD, America Inc., Futurism Technologies has built a laudable reputation in the industry. The company has also built strategic partnerships with premier companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Yahoo!, IBM, and Amazon.Catering to more than 1000 clients across the globe, the multinational has strong global footprints in the U.S., UK, Australia, Singapore, and India. Futurism envisions becoming the world’s best company for employees to work at.

Mr. Sheetal Pansare, Global CEO, Futurism Technologies
Mr. Sheetal Pansare, President and Global CEO, Futurism Technologies

Enhancing Performance through Innovative Learning Sessions

Nothing fuels an employee’s desire to grow than a grand challenge! When the company supports and encourages his/her to perform with finesse, then the employee becomes a master of his/ her profession!

So what makes Futurism Technologiesdifferent from the rest? Here, the organization empowers its employees with latest IT concepts, techniques, solutions, and third party next-gen IT skill development. These help the members expand their knowledge, which they can directly utilize in their work. At the heart of these efforts is the strong pillar of discipline. Hence, all employees respect each other, and work in unison so that they meet their goals with passion and excellence.

Training sessions are part and parcel of any company. However, at Futurism Technologies, the sessions are created by Futurists, for Futurists. Employees get to research and design the presentations according to the needs of their fellow colleagues. The presenters utilize innovative examples and simple definitions to help their colleagues understand technical concepts. Both the presenter and his colleagues expand their knowledge, while refining their presentation and communication skills.

 There is no better event to instill the feeling of competition amongst employees than a good old-fashioned contest. Recently, Futurism made an impact at ‘Code Gladiators’ – a nationwide programming contest by The Times of India. Futurism engineers were admired for their intelligence and keen sense of awareness.

The foundation of all these activities is the simple yet pertinent philosophy, ‘Work while you work, play while you play’. Following this mantra consistently helps Futurism to inspire budding as well as seasoned professionals to join its ever-growing team.

“As a people’s organization, our ideology supports the growth of the individual. We consider each employee as an integral part of our company. We place immense emphasis on people’s ideas and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, helping them be seen as masters of the profession. This has led to a strong feeling of loyalty and trust in the company, allowing our people to join hands together, and contribute towards the organic growth of the organization,” proclaims Sheetal Pansare, President & Global CEO, Futurism Technologies.

Futurism’s Mantra: Employees Come First
They mean it like they say it! Futurism appreciates that the only solution to maintain a strong, long lasting team is to meet all employee needs. The company empowers employees with the freedom to conceptualize creative solutions, and take proactive action on the same. They are provided a variety of amenities, thus creating a positive and encouraging work environment.Special themed functions, team bonding activities,and incentivized bonuses are some of the energy boosters that bolster the employees to scale new heights. Senior management members are offered stock options to strengthen their position and efforts. These factors have enabled the firm to maintain low attrition rates (less than five percent in a year).

“The scope of growth within an organization is dependent on two factors – employee performance and opportunities within an organization. Through the decade of Futurism’s existence, it has grown from strength to strength. We have flourished, and so have the people working with us. We are setting up new offices in Belgium and Switzerland, which will be run by senior Futurism members who have helped shape the company. With the philosophies they have imbibed here, they are constantly experimenting and innovating, passing on this new age thought process to those joining afresh.This is an exciting time to be at Futurism. The dynamic environment of learning new skills, innovating, and gaining expertise on a subject is exhilarating,” shares Biswajit Mishra, Project Manager, Futurism Technologies.

Exciting Work for Exciting People
Playful splashes of purple and white adorn the offices of Futurism. Walking through the glass front doors, surrounded by several certificates is the proudly emblazoned word, ‘Futurism’. Employees typing away zealously at their keyboards (because whoever wins walks away with an awesome gifts), some huddled together debating their strategy to beat the HR Team at cricket, yet another group having an animated discussion about the latest technology to hit the market – this is a typical day at Futurism. The energy here is fresh and bubbling with excitement. Maybe it’s the excitement of fresh challenges. Maybe it’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
Women Empowerment at the Workplace
Gender bias has been a major deterrent for the growth and empowerment of women. With almost 40 percent of women employees in their offices, Futurism has managed to break the gender bias, and the barriers of women empowerment. After all, the numbers speak for themselves.

“I have been working with Futurism since five years now. From handling five clients to handling 50, from working as an executive to moving onto a managerial position, from developing new skills to developing innovative client strategies, I have never stopped growing,” basks Priyanka Upadhye, Client Relationship Manager, Futurism Technologies.

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