Why You Shouldn’t Stop Your SEO Activities in The Times of COVID-19

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March 23, 2020 - 1.2K
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Why You Shouldn’t Stop Your SEO Activities in The Times of COVID-19

Covid-19 is devilishly proving its credentials as a real threat. Since it is directly affecting the movements and activities of people, businesses are easy casualties. Understandably so, the global economy is reeling from the impact of this disease, and businesses are shifting strategies to shield themselves from the unfortunate financial backlash. The key here is not to press the panic button and make a knee-jerk decision that might hurt your business. One such rash decision could be to halt your SEO efforts.

The Benefits Of SEO When The World Is In Lockdown

If you look at it closely, it wouldn’t be hard to understand the logic behind it. Since people are self-isolating themselves, resulting in less face-to-face interactions, the only way that companies can maintain their visibility in the eyes of customers is search engine marketing. As no door-to-door marketing is possible and all possibilities of events/exhibitions are out of the question, the only way out is the opt-in email list. But such a list doesn’t fall in your lap automatically. It comes into being by generating demand – and the business world is yet to see a better way than search engine marketing to create a profitable and relevant opt-in email list.

The reason for this is consumers still need products even when they are quarantined due to virus threats. And with a severe lock-down, the only way that consumers can still link with your brand is the internet. In fact, when they are confined in homes, they will be looking more for usable products. And that’s where SEO can become your silver bullet. With a strong SEO system, you can put your brand more assertively in front of searchers – allowing you to make the cut when the buying decision takes place.

Even if overall sales of your product or service are touching new lows due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can easily offset your losses partially by investing in a search engine marketing program that brings you in front of those that are unable to roam freely on the streets.


In a nutshell, in the evil times of virus infection, when people can’t physically reach your business, SEO is carrying it efficiently and putting it on the customers’ fingertips. Naturally, it is about to open up cash flow in your stagnated sales funnel. And history has taught us that cash is the undisputed king in difficult times!

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