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One of the challenges that companies face is to run an economical digital marketing campaign without losing its impact. It’s indeed difficult to balance out the budget and efficiency. Paid marketing, where you bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links for keywords related to your business and pay the search engine a small fee for each click, sounds like a solution. Contrary to the popular belief that paying for every click may force you to pay a lot, a well-designed campaign is sure to fire your sales funnel. The reason is your potential customers will see your ads only when they’re looking for the products or services that resemble your offerings. It naturally makes them more than a casual browser who can soon be at the point of purchase. Eventually, the right placements of ads will result in more earnings than the initial spending.


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Getting noticed in the fiercely competitive and cluttered business world has emerged as one of the formidable challenge. The only way to build more recognition, more value, and more growth is to get displayed at the right place and right time. With multiple available data points of customers such as demographics, search history, and customer email lists, display advertising can target the customers through personalization. Our offerings include:

MAP can affect the retailers as well as the profits made by manufacturers. We assist brands and retailers in preventing excessive discounting among resellers with real-time MAP compliance solutions with the help of software-powered MAP tracker. Our offerings include:

With slight 0.5% increase in conversion rate, you can experience 100% increase in sales. Despite this proven fact, not many online companies have been able to ace this act of conversion. It mainly stems from their inability to blend multiple new-age techniques that help in converting website visitors into actual leads or customers. The truth is conversion rate optimization depends upon a lot of factors which can be understood only by analyzing the data that shows which factors help in getting more leads, sales, and revenue. That’s where the science of analytics plays a big role. After minutely studying all these aspects that form the crux of the conversion, we have come up with the optimization services that combines the science of SEO with heat maps, traffic flow analysis, and testing to optimize user journeys. We offer the following services:

Not all websites are conversion-ready. That’s where it becomes important to analyze your website, identify potential issues on it and decide what changes could be made for the overall betterment. To do the same, we conduct an expert review analysis of your platform by considering a website, mobile-web, application, or digital campaign elements. Our offerings throw light on:

Though landing pages are generally the second or third touchpoint in a customer’s journey, they can become the first real opportunity to hook the visitors. But without understanding the real motives and needs of the customers, you may not achieve much beyond a click and sign-up with landing pages. To make your landing page an experience that gives more than product information, we offer:


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