Digital Marketing: A Proven Way to Build and Promote Your Business Online

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Digital Marketing: A Proven Way to Build and Promote Your Business Online

With businesses going online, digital marketing & branding have become a significant part of business processes. Customers are certainly looking for services at their doorstep and they wish to find their favored products and services in a few clicks. As more customers are buying products and services online, businesses are competing with each other to reach their fingertips and become their choice.

According to Forbes research reports, 82% of customers look for products online and 79% of them buy products and services online. Therefore, customer targeting, engagement, and conversion are becoming important for businesses of all types. This clearly proves that digital marketing is important for all types of businesses. Looking at the rapid growth of digital marketing, the US digital market is estimated to reach $332 by the year 2021. However, to be a permanent beneficial trend, digital marketing has to serve certain benefits and it truly does. Digital marketing services serve ample benefits to not just the marketer and promoters but to customers, too. Now, let’s discuss the benefits offered by digital marketing and branding services.

15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing

The following reasons will help you understand how a good digital marketing service can be a game-changer for your business.

1) Digital Marketing is a Set of Versatile Marketing Tactics:

Versatile Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is a comprehensive term for several online promotional tactics. It involves search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, website promotions, Google advertising, mobile app marketing, web application marketing, and many more. Digital marketing offers the luxury of using these marketing tools and tactics in various permutations and combinations for specific activities. The mix and match of these digital marketing tools can give flexibility to the overall marketing strategy. It also allows the use of these marketing tools such as social media for audience engagements.

Unlike, conventional marketing, digital marketing can be performed with flexibility and at any instant of time. Also, digital marketing tools can be used in a result-centric manner. For example: for a higher audience reach social media marketing can be done, whereas, for audience feedback, Google feedback form is a convenient tool. These marketing tools and tactics can be switched with each other at any time during the campaign for desired results. This way, strategic changes for betterment can be performed without terminating the initiated marketing process.

2) Digital Marketing is a Potential Form of Product or Service Marketing:

Digital marketing has transformed service product marketing. Now, it has become common for customers to visit various online stores before choosing their product or service. Leveraging advanced UI/UX technologies, a product can be presented in several ways to impress your audience. Customers enjoy variations in product presentation. The product or service information can be optimized for promotions on search engines and social media. Creative versatility offered by digital marketing has helped transform the face of product marketing. The same goes true for service marketing. You can combine various channels like social media, review websites, and other digital platforms to boost the value of your services.

3) Digital Marketing Is A Cost-Efficient Marketing Method:

Cost-Efficient Marketing

Unlike offline marketing, digital marketing costs can be easily monitored and controlled. Social media marketing being a significant part of digital marketing, it is possible to reach a massive audience at negligible costs. Nowadays, marketers are using various creative materials to attract their customers to their service or product. Flyers, emailers, digital advertising banners, and so on are brilliant examples of the same. These creative materials can be produced and promoted digitally in an efficient way. In the case of offline marketing, the cost adds for printing, material transportation, labor and campaigning charges, etc. Various digital marketing tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) also allow people to monitor their investment and ROI effectively. Therefore, in comparison with conventional marketing tactics, digital marketing services are quite cost-efficient.

4) Digital Marketing Is Exposed to Higher Number and Global Audiences:

Probably the biggest benefit of digital marketing is the massive number of audience available on digital platforms. Considering the popularity of social media, mobile applications, web apps, etc, the higher number of audience is present on digital media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Therefore, promoting products and services on such digital platforms is a smart move. With the help of digital marketing, audience segmentation is possible, therefore the product can be targeted in a specific segment to gain higher reach. Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing gives global exposure to the brand at considerably less human efforts. Instant global reach helps in growing brand visibility outside the country.

5) Customer-Centric Marketing is Possible with Digital Marketing:

Customer-Centric Marketing

In the promotion of any product, no matter what industrial sector it is from, customers’ interest is important. If the customer isn’t interested in that specific product then your presentation efforts will be a waste. It cannot be denied that when it comes to marketing, efforts and money is always at risk. However, with digital marketing, this risk can be minimized by studying customer interest. Due to advanced digital technologies, it is possible to know what the audience wants. This way, a digital marketing company can present products and services to the only interested audience. It is known as personalized marketing. Over 76% of global digital marketing companies utilize personalized digital marketing strategies to attract people to their customer businesses. Customer-centric marketing can potentially reduce the cost, efforts, and risk of random marketing.

6) Digital Marketing is a Scalable:

Lack of scalability is often witnessed in conventional marketing. When the product is launched and being conventionally promoted, it is of immense difficulty to know the progress. It may take months for a marketer to understand the results of conventional marketing activities.  By that time, a lot of money has already been spent and results could be reversed. On the other hand, digital marketing is highly scalable. Taking advantage of analytics, today, it is easy to measure Pay-Per-Click (PPC) budget, number of website visits, number of products saved, and instant sales reports. Thus, it is very easy to trace progress in comparison to economic and effort investment. In digital marketing, the marketer can track the progress against each marketing dollar spent, therefore impact measurement is convenient.

7) Location-Centric Digital Marketing is Now Possible:

Location-Centric Digital Marketing

Location centric marketing is a huge customer targeting concept.  Location-centric marketing benefits in ideal customer targeting. Fine products can fail if promoted among the wrong audience, on the contrary, failed products can take a boost if targeted among the right audience. For example, iPhones are the most popular in geographical regions like the United States, Australia, Europe, etc. However, in the comparative market for Apple in Asia, Africa is slacking.

This is certainly because of the audiences’ requirements, trends, and requirements in these regions differ. So, marketers who are promoting Apple products in both these regions need to work on strategies that may appeal to the audience in both regions. They have all flexibility and freedom to do so using various digital tools. Key digital marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google support location-centric promotions. In addition to these, there are regional search engines and digital tools that are region-specific and allow digital marketers to target the audience in these regions efficiently.

8) Digital Marketing Increases ROI:

Digital marketing & branding services enhance Return on Investment (ROI). Digital marketing is a niche marketing tactic. It helps to balance spending and performance. Being a cost-efficient technique, high returns on less investment are possible. Since it offers effective impact measurement, the digital marketing industries can strategize their marketing tactics for higher ROI.

9) It Improves Predictive Marketing Strategies:

On the basis of analytics, customer behavior and ongoing trends can be analyzed. On the basis of predictions, better and more efficient digital marketing strategies can be devised and implemented. Nowadays, businesses are utilizing analytics to design their marketing strategies and to influence buyer decisions in their favor. Earlier progress is considered as a datum to build new predictive strategies, therefore it improves marketing plans. Also, unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows real-time changes in the strategy. In order to enhance the efficiency of marketing strategies, making changes during the running campaign is possible in digital marketing.

10) It Features Real-Time Promotions and Progress Tracking:

Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing does not require hosting promotional events and cold customer calling for surveys. It only takes a few clicks and swipes to gauge customer satisfaction in real-time. Social media or SEO campaigns can give instant results for customer satisfaction. Based on these results, marketers get the time to revise their strategies and experiment with new tactics. Again this can be time-consuming in conventional marketing.

11) Higher Communication Efficiency:

Communication Efficiency

When it comes to marketing, no matter if it is online or offline, the communication between the company and the marketer is crucial. The marketing company must know if customers are satisfied, or if they demand any modifications. Therefore, this communication is established using feedback, and surveys. In offline marketing, the marketers need to communicate with numerous customers face to face, it surely gets hectic and tricky. However, in digital marketing efficient communication can be done through tools such as Google feedback forms or by using ChatBot. On-screen feedback and survey, interesting ChatBot conversations increase customer engagement. These various digital tools enable marketers to establish a relationship between the company and customers, which helps in growing customer satisfaction.

12) Know What Your Competitor is doing:

Knowing your competitor can totally change the game. When it comes to conventional marketing knowing competitor tactics can be a little difficult. However, in digital marketing, competitor analysis is easy. It only takes some research over competitors’ social media posts, blog interactions, website growth, product sales progress, etc to understand how they are promoting. To make it even easier, there are several applications and online tools that will do it for you. They will help you understand who your immediate competitors are, the type of keywords or the mode of marketing they excel in. By mode of marketing, it refers to organic and paid marketing. From the so much data available for open access, you can trace your competitors’ strategy easily. This helps in building your strategies even better than them.

13) A/B Split Testing Takes Digital Marketing to Next Level:

A/B Split Testing in digital marketing

As discussed before, digital marketing offers a scope for permutations and combinations, which is otherwise not possible with conventional marketing. You can utilize A/B Split testing to analyze available marketing tools and tactics and then choose the most efficient one. Once the marketer knows the most effective tactic, they can keep working on it to get beyond desired results. This way, digital marketing can give progress much better than conventional marketing.

14) Interactive Digital Marketing Tools Ace the Game:

Digital marketing is not only about marketing; it is also about technology. Nowadays, digital marketers are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and other technologies to engage, retain, and convert their consumers. Interactive VR and AR –driven digital marketing tools like 360° smart video, interactive/smart content, etc are gaining traction. Customers are attracted to interactive content which influences their buying decision and increases sales. For example, 360° video can display products in all directions along with customizations, this gives the audience a detailed understanding of the product. Therefore, their interest in the product increases.

15) Digital Marketing Makes Use of Customer Generated Data:

Customer Generated Data from digital marketing

Customer-generated data is a bonus for digital marketing companies. This tactic takes no effort from the company but your customers only do it for you. Customer interaction on the product listing, social media posts, website reviews, etc can rank your product higher on Google search. Therefore, digital marketing makes positive use of customer interaction which is nearly impossible in conventional marketing.

Now that you know the benefits of digital marketing services, please take note that you must consider partnering with trusted and experienced digital marketing consulting Services. Futurism Technologies, Inc is a digital marketing company that offers digital marketing consultancy services. The company has partnered with several digital transformation companies like Google, AWS, and Amazon to help its clients exploit the full benefits of digital marketing and digital transformation as a whole. It can certainly help you reap the full benefits of digital marketing and branding services to boost your business beyond expectations.

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