Revolutionizing Entity Extraction with AI and Deep Learning: A Futurism Innovation

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May 29, 2023 - 1.2K
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<strong>Revolutionizing Entity Extraction with AI and Deep Learning: A Futurism Innovation</strong>

At the intersection of artificial intelligence and industries lies an unprecedented opportunity to push the boundaries of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Futurism sits at the heart of this intersection helping businesses revolutionize processes and become future-ready by helping them leverage coming-of-age technologies including Artificial Intelligence or AI solutions, Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Deep Learning solutions and more.

One such transformative journey is that of a prominent electrical equipment company based in Switzerland and Sweden, aiming to optimize its electrical installation planning process.

Navigating Traditional Challenges

The process of electrical installation planning has long been a laborious one. Traditionally, civil architects manually create intricate drawings over an extended period of 2 to 4 weeks. These detailed blueprints, containing elaborate schematics of electrical components like lights, fans, wiring, and more, serve as the foundation for the creation of the bill of materials and cost estimation.

A leading Swiss-Swedish company, seeking a path to increased efficiency and speed in its design and bidding processes, was hindered by this time-consuming and error-prone methodology.

Harnessing the Power of Deep Learning

Enter Futurism Technologies, an innovative AI solutions provider dedicated to shaping the future of industries through breakthrough AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology. Futurism deployed a transformative solution driven by AI and Deep Learning: entity extraction powered by deep learning and computer vision. This state-of-the-art technique interprets electrical symbols in both scanned and digital building layouts, autonomously identifying and categorizing the diverse electrical components featured in the blueprints.

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Experiencing the Benefits of AI

The implementation of Futurism’s Deep Learning solution has not only revolutionized the Swiss-Swedish company’s electronic Fabrication (e-FAB) business but also imparted a multitude of benefits:

  • Automation: The solution leverages advanced deep learning techniques to automate electrical symbol and corresponding equipment extraction from layouts. This dramatically decreases the potential for human error.
  • Efficiency: Previously, what took 2 weeks for completion now gets done in a mere 2 hours, signifying an astonishing 168-fold reduction in time and a 400% improvement in productivity.
  • Productivity: Capable of extracting entities from piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) diagrams, PDFs, images, and even videos, the solution significantly boosts productivity, enabling faster, more accurate, and consistent responses to bids.

Illustrating Impact with Data

The company used to spend roughly 80-160 hours (2-4 weeks) per project solely on component extraction and listing. Given an average of 3 weeks per project and 30 projects annually, this equates to about 4,680 hours a year.

With Futurism’s AI solution, this time shrunk to just 2 hours per project, translating to a mere 60 hours annually for 30 projects. The savings in time and resources empower the company to manage more projects in a given year, and to redeploy its resources more effectively.

Futurism AI Solution

In addition, Futurism is leveraging GenAI or Generative AI solutions along with Deep Learning, a new frontier that is making waves across industries. This technology uses advanced algorithms to create content such as images, text, or music, could further amplify the potential benefits of the Futurism’s AI solution. For instance, generative AI could automatically design optimal electrical layouts based on pre-defined parameters, working in conjunction with the deep learning entity extraction to streamline the entire electrical installation planning process.

Emerging Applications of Generative AI in Electrical Planning

Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence that employs Machine Learning models to produce content, is poised to disrupt various industries, including electrical planning. A prime example of Generative AI’s utility is in design optimization. This AI technology can be trained to generate optimal electrical layout designs based on predefined parameters, such as space utilization, energy efficiency, safety standards, and more.

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Imagine the integration of generative AI and the Deep Learning-based entity extraction solution. Once the AI identifies and classifies all electrical components in the existing layout, the generative AI could then generate an optimized layout, incorporating the learned entities. Such a futuristic solution would not only ensure a more efficient electrical layout but also minimize the need for modifications during the installation process.

Additionally, Generative AI can support the creation of virtual, 3D representations of electrical installations, providing a comprehensive visual understanding of the project. This enables stakeholders to interact with the designs in a more intuitive manner and allows for real-time modifications.

Broadening the Horizons with Futurism

At Futurism, we believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to shape industries and redefine operational efficiency. Our AI solutions, such as the deep learning-based entity extraction solution, are proof of this conviction. Futurism’s AI solutions go beyond short-term efficiency gains. They seek to redefine business processes at their core, laying a foundation for a future where AI and human expertise work hand-in-hand, driving unparalleled progress and innovation. Now is the time for businesses to embrace this revolutionary technology and unlock untapped potential.

AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Computer Vision, and Generative AI – these are shaping the future, and Futurism is at the forefront of this revolution.

Artificial intelligence is not just about technology, it’s about reimagining the possibilities.

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