Top 10 Key Features of E-commerce Software

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July 18, 2014 - 5.2K
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Top 10 Key Features of E-commerce Software

E-commerce software can help to support your website, reduce operation costs, and grab the attention of target customers. The success of the software in your platform will depend on the features that are chosen.

Here are 10 Top key features of E-Commerce Software to look out for

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• Integration with e-commerce Website: An e-commerce software can be directly integrated with your e-commerce website. This can help you to easily manage all retail operations including advertising, content management, sales, order fulfillment, and finance.

• Combining Multiple Channels: An e-commerce software should offer a combination of multiple channels to provide more freedom to customers and the owner. Customers will have more options for research and point of sale purchases. Website owners can provide more platforms for sales and advertising. You can also integrate reporting and financials in one system.

• Easy-to-use and Secure Shopping Cart: The software should help you create a shopping cart experience that will satisfy your customer’s needs. This means easy shopping, secure methods of payment, express checkout options, and customer accounts for research and making purchasing decisions.

• Efficient Product Management: Handling a website with numerous products can be a tough task. The e-commerce software can help you to manage the product list by exporting product information, adjusting the price, and importing it back into the platform. It can also help you review and update margins from your product range. This will help you to enhance your response speed to market changes.

• Consolidated Customer Relations: A Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) can allow customers to have an individual account to check for their activity history. Customer relationship managers can use the account information to upsell, cross-sell, and resolve customer issues and inquiries.

• Sales Order Management System: A large sales team equals numerous sales inquiries and orders. The sales order management system allows you to effectively review and sign draft inquiries and quotations. It can also help to reduce credit card fraud, which saves significant expenses.

• Warehouse Management System: A warehouse management system makes sales order processing easier. Real-time information can be used for packaging and delivery. Problematic errors can be flagged immediately.

• Stock Control System: E-commerce software also has the option of providing a stock control system along with warehouse management. The system can help you maintain and update your stock inventory in real-time. This allows the sales team to see updates on back orders.

• Global System Reporting: Centralized data sourcing and reporting becomes much easier with e-commerce software. You can keep track of the performance of various processes including sales, marketing, customer service, stock, purchasing, and financials.

• Financial Integration: The accounts system of an e-commerce website can be updated in real-time with e-commerce software. This includes information such as sales, credit and payment data.

The 10 points can help your e-commerce website become a complete success.

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