How Our Strategic AI Implementation Helped the Hotelier to Gain Revenue- Boosting Customer Insights

Artificial intelligence

Executive Summary

Bulging with the presence of 40 hotels in 9 countries, the client isn’t just leading the hospitality industry. It is creating and recreating the footsteps for others to follow. Having moved away from customization to personalization, the client is always looking to accelerate its innovation endeavors.

Client Challenges

  • With more data getting generated than ever before due to rapid digitalization, every customer touch point has become a source of data collection.
  • However, like most of the hospitality players, the client lacked the analytical capabilities to translate these touchpoints into insights.
  • Subsequently, the client wasn’t able to recognize guests as individuals and connect this identification with intelligence about them. It hindered its attempt to generate a significant return on investment (ROI).

Though within its limited technical knowledge, it built a system to reach as close to the customer insights, it was full of following loopholes:

  • It took long time-to-market for new attributes and personalized offers
  • Storage of security, identity, preferences, and rewards data was placed in a single data store
  • The system supported customers – not prospects
  • It suffered from customer de-duplication process
  • It severely lacked marketing insights

Battling with all these too-real challenges, the client finally came to us with a requirement to have a unified customer view to scale up & integrate data.

Our Solutions

Since lack of data analytics was the main pain point of the customer that kept it away from having a unified customer view, we built a platform that could incorporate data from various sources like guest profile, guest integration data, 3rd party, analytics data etc. The following implementations formed the building blocks of this platform:

  • Support to access and consent management through the extension of consumer identity management
  • To identify unauthenticated customers and prospects using 1st and 3rd party data, we implemented consumer authentication against unique ‘Guest Id’
  • Created customer “Master Profile” by linking attributes & interactions to a customer identity
  • Created functionality to store consumer profiles in near real-time
  • Ensured robust security and governance
  • Implemented core consumer profile creation, operations process, and support for recognized and authenticated customers
  • Facilitated access and delivery of profile data by API implementations
  • Ensured quick time-to-market by making additions of new attributes/interactions more flexible

Technology Stacks

  • IBM BigInsights platform
  • Datastax Enterprise edition (Cassandra)
  • Play Framework

Quantifiable Benefits

  • This centralized customer profile platform allowed the client to have a unified view of guests and their respective preferences. As a result, the client was able to tailor the guest offerings across various channels of interactions.
  • The platform gave a complete insight to our client about its guests’ likes/dislikes, behavioral traits, right channels to acquire and retain them.
  • Consequently, the client was able to create unique ‘Guest ID’ which was used in identifying individual customers and personalizing consumer interactions across multiple channels.
  • With much-enhanced customer identity & access management, the client was finally able to recognize a customer as an individual at every touchpoint.

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